This $16 Cooling Mask Is The Best Thing To Use Before Makeup

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If you’re anything like me, you find Amazon a little amazing – there are so many cool gadgets and unique beauty products that you won’t find anywhere else. My latest discovery that I’m totally obsessed with is this FOMI Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Bead Full Facial Mask, $16, which is perfect for wearing before makeup, and I love that you can use this over and over again!

I like to keep the mask in my fridge and use it cold for 10 minutes before I start my makeup routine. The cold from the mask helps depuff, tighten pores, and smooth the skin by constricting blood vessels and reducing the natural heat in the skin. I feel like it also really helps smooth out the appearance of fine lines and just generally has a tightening effect on my skin. In fact, applying something cold to your face is so good that the Victoria’s Secret models famously do ice facials before a show. And, although ice facials work so well, I feel like this cooling mask is just as effective and way less hassle than splashing your face in freezing water. You can also use this mask if you have sunburn, puffy eyes or a headache, to help calm and soothe.

cooling face maskSource: Fomi

I love that this can be used hot as well – if you’ve ever tried steam eye masks, you’ll know how therapeutic it feels. So, before you go to sleep, you can pop this in the microwave briefly, and then wear it while it’s warm. By using the mask hot, it helps improve blood circulation, relieve eye strain, and just generally helps majorly zen you out. If you get dry eyes in winter, the heat from the mask can help to moisten your eyes as well.

The best thing is the mask has a really soft lining to it, so it’s really comfortable to wear (although sometimes I wear it with the beads next to my skin, so it feels extra cold)! It also has two Velcro straps to secure it, which means you can basically do anything while you’re wearing it!

Would you guys try this? Let me know in the comments below.