7 Dermatologist Skincare Lines That’ll Keep Your Skin Game Strong 

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Whether you’ve been shopping skincare for decades or are just now dipping your toes into those ingredient-dense waters, you know there are a bajillion wonderful options to choose from. Ultimately, you gotta use what works best for your skin. That said, if you’re struggling to whittle down the selection, consider starting with brands founded and formulated by bona fide dermatologists. After all, these folks went to school for 10+ years studying skin, specifically. Here are some of our fave derm-made lines.

1. Pillowtalk Derm: Dr. Shereene Idriss 

Dr. Shereene Idriss made a splash as the “pillow talk” dermatologist who got real with the world about skincare via her social media. She’s the one who put hyaluronic acid on blast for a sec, helped normalize skin texture in a world of filtered complexions, and wowed followers with smooth, glowing skin for all her evening, pillow-side skin chats. 

An eponymous skincare line was the natural next step, obvi. Currently, the Pillowtalk Derm lineup consists of three products – a serum, moisturizer, and mask – each dedicated to improving uneven skin tone. You can also buy the bundled trio and save some cash. 

2. Rose Ingleton MD: Dr. Rose Ingleton

With two decades of experience under her belt, Dr. Rose Ingleton is well-versed in all sorts of skin frustrations, including acne, dullness, aging, redness, and dehydration. Her award-winning skincare collection, which includes everything from skin boosters to cleansers to moisturizers – helps tackle all the above. 

What makes the Rose Ingleton MD line particularly special is that each product is infused with a SuperFruit blend of antioxidant-rich extracts sourced from fruits native to Jamaica, which is where Dr. Ingleton grew up. The Superfruit Brightening Cleanser, $38, is an Allure Best of Beauty Award winner, and the creamy Signature Moisturizer, $85,  is *chef’s kiss* for that covetable AM to PM glow.

3. Dr. Loretta: Dr. Loretta Ciraldo

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Since Dr. Loretta forayed into dermatology over 40 years ago, she’s been dedicated to understanding why and how our skin ages. Her pastel-hued clinical skincare line, Dr. Loretta, is the culmination of the knowledge she’s gained in research and patient practice. 

All of her products – which keep beauty editors buzzing – are formulated to help prevent and minimize signs of aging. For example, the Resurfacing Enzyme Polish, $60, buffs away dead skin cells for a glowy complexion, the Anti-Aging Repair Moisturizer, $70, tightens and brightens, and the cult-y Tightening Eye Gel, $60, nixes puffiness and dark circles. We’re also high-key obsessed with the new Universal Glow Daily Defense Mineral Sunscreen Fluid SPF 40, $60.

4. SEEN: Dr. Iris Rubin 

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Did you know that hair care products are a sneaky culprit of breakouts? And that taking care of your scalp, in general, is super important to overall hair health? Harvard-trained dermatologist, Dr. Iris Rubin is all about preaching the connection between beauty, health, hair, and skin – and that’s exactly what her brand, SEEN, focuses on. 

The streamlined collection includes a handful of fragrance-free hair care products that promote good scalp health while simultaneously nurturing strands. The line’s also been expanded to include face wash for sensitive skin, as well as a gentle body wash for all skin types. 

5. Dr. Zenovia Skincare: Dr. Zenovia Gabriel

Though they course through our bodies unseen, hormones greatly impact our appearance. In fact, imbalances and surges of certain hormones are responsible for everything from acne to psoriasis to premature aging. 

Dr. Zenovia Gabriel has dedicated her life’s work to understanding this relationship, and her eponymous skincare line has put her “deeper than skin” philosophy at the forefront of each formulation. The products are crafted specifically for people experiencing major hormonal changes or imbalances, including those going through puberty, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. 

6. Maei MD: Dr. Rebecca Marcus 

Dr. Rebecca Marcus founded Maei MDwhich is named after the Brazilian-Portuguese word for mother, mãe – with the goal of creating nurturing, science-forward formulas. The product lineup is still in its early days with just one item for purchase at the moment: Serum 6. This silky serum is a powerhouse of 15+ medical-grade vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, amino acids, plant stem cell extracts, and probiotics. This slow creation process is proof that enormous care and consideration goes into formulations, so stay tuned for what’s to come!

7. Obagi Clinical: Dr. Zein Obagi 

Dr. Zein Obagi founded Obagi Medical way back in 1988, a physician-administered skincare line with high concentrations of active ingredients. With the success of the legacy brand – and a desire to get high-quality products in people’s hands without having to go through a prescription process – Obagi Clinical was founded much later in 2019. It’s perf for skincare enthusiasts keen on slathering solution-driven, science-backed formulas. The products target common issues, including dark spots, dullness, aging, and skin texture. One of our favorites is the Retinol 0.5 Retexturizing Cream, $61

We stan a dermatologist eager to share their knowledge with the world. These derms have a major social presence and routinely dish out juicy content. 

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