Derm Directory: Meet The Dermatologists Sharing The Best Skin Advice


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It’s simple: an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist will help you understand your skin at a deeper level (‘scuse the skincare pun). After all, they’ve dedicated more than ten years of their life to studying, understanding, and treating skin concerns, so they’ll naturally direct you toward the right path, products, and procedures. But as with all things skincare, you need to find a great derm that has experience with your skin type or concern.

The good news is, even if seeing a derm isn’t an option, these amazing derms are sharing their knowledge with all of you online. So next time you need a dose of skin info, check out this derm directory of all the skin experts who have helped us decode and understand our skin over the years. If you can get an appointment, even better!

Derms, we thank you for your service!

1. Dr. Whitney Bowe | @drwhitneybowe


Follow for: Info on curating holistic skincare routines + fun #DermReactions.

Why we love her: The award-winning, board-certified derm, Dr. Whitney Bowe, believes that happy, healthy skin begins with a balanced gut – a mantra that’s evident in her own brand, Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty. Her lineup of glow-getting formulas treats the skin from the inside out, and we can confirm it works. But DW, if you haven’t got the coin to splurge RN, her TikTok page is full of quick and easy hacks (like skin cycling!) to level up your skincare routine and brighten your glow.

2. Dr. Adeline Kikam | @brownskinderm


Follow for: Under-the-radar truths on melanin-rich skin + derm skin tips

Why we love her: Dr. Adeline Kikam, D.O., MSc., FAAD, grew up continuously struggling to find skincare advice catered towards melanin-rich skin. So she decided to enter the chat and finally offer up easy-to-access derm advice for melanin-rich skin. She founded Brown Skin Derm™ and gave melanated hunnies everywhere the info they were looking for, from hyperpigmentation advice to the best sunscreens with no white cast.

3. Dr. Shereene Idriss | @shereeneidriss


Follow for: Hard facts on buzzy skincare ingredients and rituals.

Why we love her: #SkinTok, beware – celeb derm and facial rejuvenation expert Dr. Shereene Idriss, M.D., is out to “stop the B.S. and misinformation surrounding skin care dermatology.” Dr. Idriss found herself re-educating her patients after they read and followed damaging skincare rules on the internet. She started her famous #PillowtalkDerm series to empower her “skincare nerds” with accurate skincare info… re-read: accurate! When she isn’t decoding trending ingredients and combatting myths, find her formulating for PillowTalkDerm, her new skincare line, which focuses on brightening and evening skin tone.

4. Dr. Alexis Stephens | @dralexisstephens


Follow for: Hyperpigmentation-focused tips, tricks, and recommendations!

Why we love her: Dr. Alexis Stephens is the founder and leading board-certified dermatologist of Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery. But what makes her truly special is the amount of love and attention she pours into helping people – of all skin colors and textures – achieve their #SkinGoals. She digitally empowers her patients and communities of color with skincare truths that help them care for their skin better – #Love.

Speaking of hyperpigmentation, here are the derm-approved ingredients that treat them best.

5. Dr. Joyce Park | @teawithmd


Follow for: Science-backed derm tricks and tips.

Why we love her: Board-certified Dr. Joyce Park believes skincare deserves a one-on-one approach, so she founded her own dermatology clinic, Skin Refinery, in California, New York, and Washington. The pro uses science to treat various skin conditions – from acne to rosacea and melasma to hair loss – while mentoring the online world about dermatology. If you can’t book an in-person consultation, binge her videos on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to learn about different skincare myths, skin health, SPF, and toners.

6. Dr. Camille Howard-Verovic | @dermbeautydoc

Follow for: Pro advice on choosing skincare formulas.

Why we love her: Meet the doc doing the most for #BraidLovingBabes. Dr. Howard-Verovic hung up her marketing hat to become a board-certified derm before founding Girl+Hair, a scalp-focused haircare line catered to nourishing protective hairstyles. This is one of those things that just makes sense: who better to help you care for your scalp than a derm? Scalp care is skincare, after all. When she’s not working on her haircare line, find her debunking skincare myths and explaining skincare actives on her social channels. Talk about a multitasker!

7. Dr. Mamina Turegano | @dr.mamina


Follow for: Info on dealing with body care-everything.

Why we love her: Dr. Mamina Turegano’s, M.D., FAAD, is a triple board-certified derm that focuses on how nutrition, lifestyle, and sleep affects skin… And shares it with her 900K+ TikTok followers! In addition to practicing dermatology and publishing award-winning presentations, she enjoys chatting about her top skin tips and fave weird hacks with the HB blog fam. And keep an eye out for her (seriously cute) mom’s tips and hacks for looking after yourself!

8. Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky | @dermguru


Follow for: ‘This VS that” recommendations + derm-approved hacks.

Why we love her: Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky is a famous TikTok derm who gifts society with skincare knowledge. She also juggles being an editor for the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology and social media ambassador for the American Academy of Dermatology. You may be familiar with Dr. Zubritsky if you’re a regular here (hi, welcome back) as we’ve chatted with her on topics like hair loss and good-for-hair ingredients.

9. Dr. Muneeb Shah | @dermdoctor


Follow for: C.r.a.z.y. pore extraction videos and skincare videos like you’ve never seen before!

Why we love him: Besides being a TikTok star with over 17 million followers, Dr. Muneeb Shah is a practicing derm with experience in medical, cosmetic, and procedural dermatology. Translation: he does it all and knows what he’s talking about when he reviews/reacts to skincare advice on TikTok. Be warned, his videos are crazy satisfying but not for the faint-hearted!

10. Dr. Azadeh Shirazi@skinbydrazi


Follow for: Science-led skincare advice and formulas + skin-focused podcast content.

Why we love her: Dr. Azadeh Shirazi – or Dr. Azi for our TikTokers – is a renowned dermatologist who delivers customized skincare and beauty treatments. Her expertise, artistry, and personalized treatments are why she’s crowned the “most skilled dermatologist” at the La Jolla Dermatology and Laser Surgery Center with a 1.9 million TikTok following. Her resume also boasts of AziMD Skincare, a science-led skincare line, and More Than a Pretty Face, an informative podcast that covers all-things skin (we listen every week, and we always learn something new!) like these underrated hacks she told us about.

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