TikTok On Trial: Is This Viral Lip Plumping Gloss Overrated?



Is it just us or does it feel like there’s a new “viral” TikTok product every other day? The latest beauty product to make noise in the TikTok beauty space is a lip plumping gloss that promises juicy, full lips – sans fillers. TBH, this is probably one of the least surprising “viral” products, as TikTok loves anything with a WOW factor and instant results. As always, we put it on trial, Huda Beauty style! Here’s how it held up…

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The hype: Lip plumping is not a new TikTok trend, in fact, the hashtag #lipplumper has over 182.1 million tags, which is insane! The Derol Lip Maximizer, $15, has already accumulated 185k hashtags after a video went viral of a TikToker applying the formula to her pout.

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What it is: A lip plumping serum with an intense light-reflecting shine that comes with two formulas inside the package. Both formulas contain hyaluronic spheres and vitamin E to plump and hydrate, giving the illusion of a fuller lip. The “day” gloss formula is also enriched with mint, while the night is infused with ginger to provide a more intense, plumping effect. It’s encased in small, pill-shaped packaging with a slender applicator for easy application when you’re on the go.

What it does: The lip serum will start to tingle as soon as you apply it to your lips, and it’s this reaction that gives a fuller, plumper pout in under five minutes (without the hassle of fillers or overlining). It’ll also hydrate the lips and soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles, thanks to the vitamin E-rich formula.


What we liked: As soon as we applied the formula to our lips, we were relieved that it didn’t feel too painful. There was a mild tingling sensation accompanied by some warmth, then shortly after, there was a definite plumping effect, which intensified over time. Just like it promised, the ginger-infused night formula was spicier and gave a more voluptuous finish, which we were impressed with.

What we didn’t like: First of all, while both formulas weren’t too uncomfortable, they were not pleasant to wear. It also gave our lips an irritated rather than fuller finish – they were red and, in some cases, blotchy. Plus, the results are not long-lasting, and the plumpness deflates after the formula is removed. Another thing to consider is since we’re always wearing masks it would rub off almost instantly, whereas overlining with a long-lasting matte formula can last from morning to night without smudging.

To give the formula a fair trial we got the whole team involved (dw, we didn’t share). We did see a more noticeable difference on certain pouts so we wouldn’t say it’s a particular reliable formula with guaranteed results, and the results we did get were not overly impressive. Finally, be careful not to lick your lips!

Final verdict: If we wanted to create the illusion of a fuller pout, we’d stick to our trusted overlining with Lip Contour 2.0, as it’s longer-lasting than this particular gloss. As far as lip plumping formulas go – it’s pretty similar to others that we’ve tried.

TikTok On Trial RATING: 5/10

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