Drugstore Of The Week: Our Fave K-Beauty Brand Just Launched $4 Sheet Masks


drugstore sheet masks

Beauty is our one true love at HB HQ, but a close second is undoubtedly food. Which means, when we find a combo of the two, we just have to try it. So, while we all know eating the right food is the key to good skin and good health, sometimes you can cheat that glow just as quickly with a good ol’ sheet mask! Especially when that sheet mask is bursting with some of the best beauty-boosting vitamins.

In comes our fave K-beauty brand, the Glow Recipe – yes, as in creators of the Watermelon Glow collection that kept selling out in Sephora – who just created affordable skincare line Sweet Chef, aka face food. Their latest collection, available at Target now, encompasses three seriously effective Fresh Pressed Sheet Masks (as well as some delicious Serum Shots, $20), and each drugstore sheet mask is just $3.50. We gave these a go and were seriously impressed! Not only is each mask loaded with a refreshing serum, but each is targeted to different skin concerns to make finding the right one to get your glow on extra easy:

For Brightening: The Ginger + Vitamin C Fresh Pressed Sheet Masks


If dark spots and dullness are ruining your glow, this ginger and turmeric-enriched mask is perfect for brightening and protecting the skin for major glow goals.

For Pore-fining: Beet + Vitamin A Fresh Pressed Sheet Masks

drugstore sheet masks

Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, this pore-refining and soothing mask will tighten and smooth skin, making it perfect for pre-makeup application.

For Hydration: Kale + Vitamin B Fresh Pressed Sheet Masks

drugstore sheet masks

Calming, nourishing and moisturizing, this is great for giving a boost to dull, dehydrated skin.

Can we also just say how cute these masks are (they have some majorly cute prints on), and okay, we know this has no impact on the effect of the mask, but it looks damn cute for selfies! We love the concept of this new Sweet Chef collection, as both the serums and the sheet masks use real food sources to provide the best nutrients and vitamins for your skin. We tried popping on the corresponding serum before each mask and loved how hydrated our skin stayed allll day!

Let us know if you’re into food-infused beauty as much as we are, in the comments below!