The EASIEST Eyeliner Hacks Everyone On TikTok’s Raving About


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Dive deeper into the art of eyeliner with our comprehensive guide at Huda Beauty. Whether you’re mastering the perfect wing or experimenting with daring graphic lines, our expert tips and product recommendations are designed to simplify your routine and enhance your skills. Explore our curated selection of eyeliners right here to find the perfect tool for every look and occasion. Unlock the secrets to flawless eyeliner application and transform your eye makeup into a statement that speaks volumes.

Ask any beauty guru, and they’ll agree that eyeliner instantly upgrades ANY beauty look. But these sultry feline flicks, smokey wings, and bold graphic looks can be tricky to perfect if you’re new to the liner game or running late. Well, not anymore! We found the easiest eyeliner techniques to serve newbies, busy baddies, or anyone on the quest for a liner sharp enough to cut. Wing-wearers, assemble!

Eyeliner Hack #1: Use Your Finger

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Pro tip: Clean up the edges using a flat brush and a concealer, like our Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Concealer, $29, for a total SLAAAYYY!

Eyeliner Hack #2: Flick Outward with a Light Hand

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Eyeliner Hack #3: Draw a Triangle

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Pro tip: Try tightlining with your winged liner, AKA when you fill in your upper waterline (under your lashes) with your pencil. A filled in upper waterline helps create the illusion of thicker lashes and adds drama. Avoid going too far into your inner corner, so the liner doesn’t smudge or run. You can also use a nude pencil along the lower lash line to open up the eye.

Eyeliner Hack #4: Use a Post-It as a Guide

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See how easy that was? That’s what happens when you use our Huda Beauty Life Liner Quick’ N Easy Precision Liquid Eye Liner, $19. Shameless plug, we know…

Eyeliner Hack #5: Make a Floss Stick Liner Stamp

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Pro Tip: After using a stencil, go over your wing with a pigmented liquid liner for extra staying power, like our dual-ended Huda Beauty Life Liner Double-Ended Eyeliner Liquid & Pencil, $25. Seriously, this pencil does. Not. Budge.

Eyeliner Hack #6: Try a Bobby Pin for Your Inner Corner

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Eyeliner Hack #7: Use Tape to Create a Liner Stencil

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Eyeliner Hack #8: Start Lining from Your Lower Lash Line

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Pro Tip: “If you make a mistake, LET IT DRY,” advises Glamsquad artistic director Kelli J. Bartlett. And before you question it, let Kelli explain her technique… “Saturate an angled brush in makeup remover (I love Lancôme Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover, $30) and wipe away whatever you don’t want to see, making sure you clean the brush on a tissue in between strokes.”

Eyeliner Hack #9: Use Micellar Water to Turn Shadows into Liner

@makecoloredup DIY COLOUR EYELINER HACK! so apparently you can create eyeliner by mixing a little micellar water with your eyeshadow! Have y’all tried this yet? FOLLOW @makecoloredup Credit: @makeupford4ys Micellar water – @garnieruk Eyeliner brush – @makeupbytammicosmetics Eyeshadow – @juviasplace I expected it to smudge but once dry it didn’t move! Save & Tag a Friend that needs makeup inspo ‍‍Follow me @atarahmayhew inspo @monetmcmichael . . . #makeuphacks #tiktokmakeup #makeupfordays #eyelinertutorial #diymakeup #makeupvideos #makeupreel #makeup #howtomakeup #makeupforbeginners ♬ son original – MakeupCosmeticsBeauty

If this feels like too much effort, save yourself some time and play with our pigmented water-activated eyeshadows in our Huda Beauty Color Block Obsessions Palette, $29, instead.

Eyeliner Hack #10: Use Setting Powder to Create a Stencil

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Eyeliner Hack #11: Use a Thin Flat Brush as a Stamp

@mynameisrifah Replying to @Lithandmadebyemma no-ones talking about this easy hack!! give it a try and thank me later because your liner is gonna be fierce the brush i’m using is super dense and fine so holds its shape, i’ve put above my username where it says ‘click here’ if your interested! If you want to learn more makeup secrets click the Iink in my BlO and learn indepth from my asian bridal tutorial #makeuptutorial #makeuptut #makeupforbeginners #eyeliner #eyelinertutorial #90swing #howtodoeyeliner #beginnermakeup #liner #makeupliner ♬ original sound – Rifah | Cosmetic Chemist

Eyeliner Hack #12: Use Concealer to Create Identical Graphic Wings

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Now that you have these eyeliner techniques, try these celeb liner looks ASAP.

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