If You Love Fake Tan, You Need This Product!

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There’s something so empowering about having a golden, glowing tan. The problem is, sunshine is not a year-round blessing – unless you have a private jet and a house in Barbados – which means for most of us, a little help from our fave fake tan is very necessary if we want to get that glow! There’re just two major problems: that horrible sticky feeling you have to endure for the hours your fake tan is on, and something that’s completely unavoidable; nasty brown bed sheets.

The first dilemma is that you really want to fake tan but the idea of a sticky body, waiting naked for 20 minutes before you dress (not being able to sit down), and then still feeling sticky after, is often enough to put most of us off. In comes a genius solution: a self-tan setting powder – it sounds a bit extra, but after using it once, we literally cannot fake tan without it.

self tan setting powder

The Tanzee Fairy Dust Self Tan Drying Powder, $17, instantly sets your fake tan and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth, and most importantly not sticky, which means you can get dressed almost immediately without having to worry about your tan rubbing off on your clothes or sofa! It also helps to prevent streaky tans forming and keep that underboob sweat at bay.

self tan setting powder

The talc-free setting powder contains skin-nourishing baobab oil, organic green tea powder, and coffee oil, and is infused with shimmering mica – don’t worry, it’s not super shimmery! The powder comes with a powder puff to apply the powder, but we found it took too long for us to pat on the powder with the puff on our entire body. Our tip is to use an old fluffy makeup brush or kabuki brush and dust the powder on – it’s much quicker and only takes a few minutes to ‘set’ your entire body. This is a fake tan game changer!!

The second problem that no fake tanner can escape (whether you do it during the day or overnight), is dirty bedsheets – and the fury of your partner for dirtying them! So imagine how excited we were when we came across a genius product that will help you make your stained bedsheets (and the resulting arguments) a thing of the past: The Tanzee Self Tan Bed Sheet Protector, $42. The double-layered sleeping slip has a built-in pillowcase and goes on top of your bed sheet and underneath your duvet, so neither your duvet or bed sheets will get stained. There’s even a protective fold that folds over the top of your duvet so you don’t get stains on the top.

bed sheet protector

We have to say, not only were we super excited when we saw this product but after testing it out, we were even more impressed! We love the silky feel of the sheet (great for your skin and hair as well), and the fact that it took us about 10 seconds to put on, so it’s not a mission to use – unlike making the bed! Most impressive was that after sleeping in it after freshly-applying our fave tanning mousse, the next day our bedsheets were still stain-free!

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It even comes with a small case, so when you’re done with it, you can either wash it or bundle it up inside. We recommend using the Tanzee if you’ve just applied fake tan before bed, and also for up to three days after fake tan application, as fake tan often rubs off and marks sheets during this time too.

We have to say, these products have actually changed our self-tanning lives, and we’ll never not set our fake tan again! What do you guys think – would you guys try these products? Let us know in the comments below.