3 Reasons Your Concealer Keeps Creasing (& How To Fix It)


Concealer is one of the most versatile products in your makeup bag. Not only can it help hide dark circles and blemishes, but it can also snatch and sculpt your face in seconds. With that said, this prized face eraser can also be a tricky solution to perfect as there are so many factors to consider – from the pigments, application to the formula’s blendability too.

One of the most common concerns regarding concealer is creasing. Caused by a myriad of reasons, these pesky lines can really spoil an immaculate face beat. However, there is a solution (actually make that three). We explain why your concealer isn’t fully crease-proof RN and the quick fixes you can implement next:

1. You’re Using Too Much Concealer

When it comes to concealer f*ck-ups, applying too much formula is the most common mistake in the book. Long gone are the days of applying under-eye concealer in huge triangular shapes as this can actually elongate the face rather than lift and brighten.

Tweak your technique and apply the concealer starting at your tear duct, then add a little below the outer corner of the eye and blend with a damp makeup sponge. Try not to apply the product too close to the lower lash line as this can make your eyes look smaller. We also like to let the formula sit on our skin for 1-3 minutes as this helps maximize the wear and color payoff of your concealer. When blending, be mindful not to drag your sponge as this can shift and diminish coverage. Instead, lightly press it into the skin using small tapping motions.

A few other technical tips to consider? If you want to increase your coverage, build it in thin layers instead of piling it on all at once. This will create the most natural yet flawless second-skin finish. Also, don’t be afraid to layer different formulas and shades. In fact, we typically use a color-corrector to cancel out dark circles before applying a brightening shade to highlight and sculpt.

2. You’re Using the Wrong Concealer Formula

As with all makeup and skincare products, finding the right formula for your skin type is crucial. If your concealer is too dry, moisturizing, or thin, this can all lead to creasing. For those with dry or mature skin, look for creamy-textured and hydrating blends. Whereas if you have oily skin, opt for heavier, full-coverage formulations.

Typically, the best concealers are hydrating as the added surge of moisture will help prevent creases. Right now, we’re obsessed with the Hourglass Cosmetics Vanish Airbrush Concealer, $36, as it offers full coverage and a super lightweight and long-lasting finish. You also can’t go wrong with the cult classic Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer, $10, as a more affordable option.

If you’ve ever been confused about the coverage you want or need, don’t worry as celeb makeup artist, Kira Nasrat, clarifies this for us. “Creamy concealers are going to give you a bit more coverage while liquid gives you lighter coverage,” she explains. “I tend to use the liquid formula to even out a tone or slightly conceal and then I opt for creams when I require more heavy-duty concealing.”

3. You Forgot to Set Your Concealer

Setting your concealer is one of the most integral makeup steps to prevent creasing. However, it’s also a minefield of makeup mistakes – you apply too much and it looks powdery, not enough, and it’s moving around all day.

For a no-makeup makeup vibe, dip a large fluffy brush into your loose setting powder, then tap off any excess and sweep it under your eyes. To increase the staying power, add an extra layer.

If you need your look to remain intact from morning until night, then it’s time to get baked. Once you’ve blended your concealer, dip a damp makeup sponge into your setting powder, remove any excess then apply a thin layer of setting powder using a dabbing motion. Be careful not to add too much powder. As we said before, it’s always better to apply in layers to avoid a cakey or patchy finish. Be sure to gently dust away any excess powder with a soft, fluffy brush after the powder has baked for a few minutes.

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