This Facial Promises Brighter, Smoother Skin With Zero Downtime


geneo facial

There’s nothing like a good facial to reset your face. Older, dead cells are sloughed off, copious amounts of hydration are applied, and some level of massaging is always incorporated, luring you into a tranquil state of bliss. It’s one of the most gratifying forms of self-care, and you leave with your glow meter off the charts. What’s not to love?

Getting facials in the summer is not always the easiest however, especially if you’ve been in the sun and can’t go near lasers. That’s where a year-round friendly facial comes into play, like Geneo. “This 3-in-1, first of its kind, non-invasive treatment is designed to achieve younger, brighter, and naturally better-looking skin – from the inside out,” explains Dr. Jamé Heskett, founder of The Wellpath, an Aesthetic Medical Spa & Wellness Center located in New York City. The best part? It’s customizable for all skin types, ages, genders, and seasons. So the HBIC of all-inclusive facials, if you will.

While Geneo is performed through a series of three steps, there are four different types of facials to choose from, but more on those below.

What Is a Geneo Facial?

There are three steps to every Geneo facial, which is equal parts exfoliation, oxygenation, and nourishment:

1. OxyGeneo: Geneo’s unique OxyPods react with the Geneo Primer Gel to create gentle exfoliation and a CO2-rich environment on the skin’s surface, which causes oxygen-rich blood to rush to the surface of your skin.

2. Ultrasound: Micro-vibrations stimulate and condition the skin to deliver instant, smoothing results and increase the permeability of the skin’s protective layer, resulting in enhanced absorption of Geneo serum’s active ingredients.

3. Neo-Massage: A soothing massage at the end delivers instant reduction in redness and puffiness while continuing to deeply infuse Geneo serum’s active ingredients.

Which Geneo Facial Is Best For Me?

According to Heskett, there are four facial treatments to choose from, based on your skin type:

The Geneo Balance Facial: Dealing with oily, acne-prone skin? The Balance Facial removes impurities with bamboo charcoal, fights acne with anti-bacterial ingredients, and promotes collagen growth to minimize oil production.

The Geneo Revive Facial: Want to revitalize texture while nixing pesky fine lines? The Revive Facial increases elasticity, smooths overall appearance, and evens skin tone, thanks to key ingredients like red algae, caffeic acid, ferulic acid, retinyl palmitate, and edelweiss.

The Geneo Illuminate Facial: Feeling dull? Brighten things up with Illuminate, a complete complexion overhaul that unifies skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation.

The Geneo Hydrate Facial: If you’re on the dry side, the Hydrate Facial is super quenching for thirsty skin. Treat your face to an ultra-moisturizing, replenishing treat with blue spirulina, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid for an instant glow.

Who’s Not a Fit For Geneo?

While Geneo is gentle enough for most individuals, anyone using Accutane would not be the best candidate for the facial.

How Long Until You See Results?

Aside from the perk of literally no downtime, the Geneo facial is one of our new favorites because the results are both instant and long-term. “This is due to the patented oxygenation process that triggers the body’s natural ability to increase oxygen levels, creating a more youthful complexion,” notes Heskett. Which, in non-science terms, means the oxygen is carried to the surface of the skin, prepping it to absorb more nutrients than a regular facial might provide. “Geneo smoothes and refines skin texture, delivers overall brighter tone, increases blood circulation, and brings an elevated level of skin metabolism,” she adds.

Name another treatment that does all that and won’t cost you thousands. The price for one Geneo session? Around $185, although Heskett recommends booking after airline travel and at least once a season to really reap its beautifying rewards.

As for other at-home maintenance tips to keep your newfound luminosity going strong, she advises a basic exfoliating cleanser in the evening, and cold water rinse in the morning. “Apply a vitamin C cream or retinol cream in the evening and an antioxidant day cream with zinc-based sunscreen in the morning,” says Heskett. But if you are on the dryer side, use a cream-based cleanser in the evening and a hyaluronic moisturizer twice daily, or your usual moisturizer with a few drops of hyaluronic serum added.

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