My 15 Fave Products I Tried In The Last 10 Years

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As a beauty blogger, I’ve tried and experimented with literally thousands of products! Some of them have become my holy grail products, some have broken me out, and others have opened my eyes to unique formulas and clever ingredients. Over the last 10 years – that feels so crazy to say – I’ve shared all my fave products, tips and tricks, and recommendations with you, and I hope you’ve been able to learn something new from this blog.

To mark the ten year anniversary of, I wanted to round-up some of my all-time fave products that I’ve tried over the last decade. There are cult faves, genius technology, formulas that will literally transform your skin, and some of my proudest creations. Here are my ride-or-die beauty products:

1. My Fave Pimple-Busting Solution: Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2, $17 

favorite productsSource: Clinique

It’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with this toner for years. Among all of the toners I’ve tried – and I’ve tried hundreds – this is the product I always go back to. The formula was developed by derms for combination to dry skin, and I swear it’s what cleared up my acne breakouts, and whenever I stop using it, my skin acts up. The formula contains a combination of ingredients that work well for acne-prone skin, like salicylic acid, which cleanses deep into your pores, and clarifying witch hazel that soothes the skin and tightens your pores. It also boasts hydrating ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid to balance your skin.

When I use this, I typically only apply a small amount on a cotton pad (it doesn’t need to be completely saturated) otherwise it can be a bit drying. I also only like to use this as part of my nighttime skincare routine, and in the morning I trade it in for a hydrating essence.

2. My Secret to Flawless Makeup: WISHFUL Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub, $39 

favorite products

I can honestly say this scrub has transformed my skin – it has helped correct uneven skin tone, diminish breakouts, and leaves my skin looking glowy AF.

I knew I wanted to create a gentle but powerful scrub that could be used by everyone, so we included a combination of effective pineapple and papaya enzymes, BHAs and AHAs, and gentle physical exfoliators that buff away dead skin cells and brighten the complexion. As well as the long-term results, the formula immediately leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth, which creates the perfect canvas for makeup! Check out these before and after pictures to see the scrub in full effect.

To use, apply a generous amount on clean, dry skin and massage it in using circular motions. Rinse well with luke-warm water, then gently pat your skin dry. Follow with your usual skin routine (like toner, essence, serum, and moisturizer).

3. My Essential Makeup Primer: Tatcha Primer The Silk Canvas Protective Primer, $52

Huda's favorite products Source: Tatcha

This primer is one of those products that instantly elevates your makeup game. The velvety balm creates a seamless base for makeup application so your makeup literally glides onto your skin. I love that this primer is like skincare meets makeup; the silk extract instantly diminishes the appearance of pores and imperfections while creating a protective barrier between your skin and the makeup, thereby protecting your skin. It also contains pink and gold pearls to boost radiance, and I’m all about the glow!

4. My Fave Do-It-All Concealer: Clea De Peau Beaute Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 25, $73

favorite productsSource: cle de peau

The Clea De Peau Concealer stick has been THE go-to among beauty experts (myself included) and makeup junkies (ditto) for years. The award-winning stick formula not only provides full-coverage with a skin-like finish, but it’s packed with skincare benefits to nourish the skin. I love the richly pigmented formula that easily covers dark circles and pigmentation, blends out easily, and stays put all day. More recently, they added SPF to the formula, and living in Dubai I need as much SPF protection as I can get.

5. My Ultimate Eyeliner: Huda Beauty Life Liner Duo Pencil & Liquid Eyeliner, $25 

Huda's favorite products

When my team and I first discussed creating an eyeliner, I knew it had to be the best. I wear eyeliner almost every day, and while there are some great products out there, none of them had the staying power or intensity I was looking for. In fact, I’d often pack a matte black eyeshadow on top to create a super black, matte finish.

Fast forward two years, and the final product is everything I dreamed it would be. We created a dual-ended liner one liquid formula and one pencil – in the deepest black shade (Vanta, which is one of the darkest substances known – it absorbs up to 99.96% of visible light)! Not only is the liquid formula the most intensely matte black shade, but it’s literally life-proof – the formula is waterproof, smudge-proof, completely fade-proof, and lasts for 48-hours. This is the ultimate eyeliner for liner lovers and allows you to create everything from a super bold wing to a precise graphic look or a smokey liner.

6. The Tool I’ve Used for 20+ Years: Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer, $23 

Huda's favorite products

I’ve been using the Tweezerman Tweezers since I was a teenager as they were the only tweezers that would efficiently pluck my seriously bushy brows (I’ve always been SO hairy)! What makes Tweezerman Tweezers so great is the unique tip, which is hand-filed and aligned at a 25-degree slant to grab every hair with acute precision. The angle also allows you to work against the brow bone without cutting the skin. I swear I used to keep a mini pair in my bag at all times! And, they’re not only amazing for getting the trickiest, tiniest hairs, but they’re also perfect for applying false lashes

When I collaborated with Tweezerman in 2017, it was a major pinch-me moment, and I love the hot pink color and our signature Huda Beauty lip print that we created for the limited edition collection.

7.  The Tool I Could Never Give Up: Quasar MD Quasar Plus, $399 

Huda's favorite productsSource: Quasar MD

I think a beauty tool is one of the best skincare investments you can make. There’s no denying that they usually come with a price tag, but I’m a firm believer that if you use them consistently, then there’s no substitute for the huge changes they can make to your skin. The Quasar MD has to be my ride or die tool and has worked miracles for me with getting rid of acne scars and improving uneven skin tone – I’ve been using this for at least five years!

The science behind the FDA-cleared device is insane and it’s based on technology developed by NASA to heal wounds, which is why it’s such a miracle-worker for acne scars. The red light increases energy levels in your skin, thereby encouraging the formation of collagen. As a result, you’ll notice an improvement in post-inflammatory pigmentation (the marks left behind after pimples), skin tone and texture, and fine lines and wrinkles.

8. Our Solution to Airbrushed Makeup: Huda Beauty Easy Bake, $34

Huda's favorite products

If you’ve seen my makeup tutorials, you’ll know I’m obsessed with baking my face I even bake my brows! It snatches, sculpts, and leaves your makeup looking poreless and flawless – what’s not to love? I wanted to create the ultimate powder that would look flawless all-day and flatter every skin tone. So, we created our Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Setting Powder in eight shades to flatter every skin tone and help balance and correct different undertones.

The powder is really finely milled so you get that truly airbrushed finish, it’s non-comedogenic (so it won’t block your pores), and of course, it’s flashback free – so no bright white under eyes to ruin your selfies! We also fitted the powder pot with a powder net to make baking extra easy – just flip it, tap it, and open it up to reveal the perfect amount of powder waiting to bake your face.

9. My Fave Morning Serum: SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic with 15% L-Ascorbic Acid, $166

Huda's favorite productsSource: SkinCeuticals

This serum is one of those cult products that really is worth the hype. It works overtime to smooth fine lines and skin texture, fade acne scars, and even your skin tone. The formula contains antioxidant hero, vitamin C (15%), and is combined with Vitamin E (1%) and ferulic acid (0.5%), which work together to create maximum protection against environmental damage caused by free radicals that age your skin. The water-like serum also remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours, so it works overtime to firm and brighten the skin.

If you’re looking for a dupe, the Yeouth Hyaluronic Acid Cream with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, Tripeptide 31, $30, is another great find. Read our full review here.

10. My Answer to Fuller Lips in Seconds: Huda Beauty Lip Contour Matte Pencil, $19 

Huda's favorite products

Our Huda Beauty Lip Contour Pencils are one of my all-time favorite products. They were the second product we ever created, and I still use them every single day. The creamy pencil is super pigmented and glides onto your lips without tugging for easy application. But most importantly, they last so long, and once set they’re completely transfer-proof! I love them as they make overlining your lips so quick and easy there’s no dragging or smudging.

11. The Best for Skin Rejuvenation: Beauty Bio GloPRO Micro-needling Regeneration Facial Tool, $199

Huda's favorite productsSource: Beauty Bio

This tool combines the skincare powers of red light and micro-needling – my two favorite things! I’ve always liked this product, but it became my savior recently when I used it to boost hair growth on a bald spot I had developed.

The microneedling tool has tiny needles that puncture the skin to trigger the skin’s natural rejuvenation process. This is enhanced by microstimulation and red light therapy to increase cell renewal. With regular use, it enhances collagen production thereby helping to improve the texture of your skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and the appearance of acne scars. For all the details on the benefits of dermarolling, check out our at-home dermarolling guide

12. The Serum That Healed My Skin: Institut Esthederm E.V.E Essential Vital Elements Serum, $119

Huda's favorite productsSource: Institut Esthederm

This might be the best thing I’ve ever tried for skin healing – it’s actually magical! This played a huge role in getting rid of my acne scars, plus it leaves your skin feeling so plump and hydrated. The serum helps the skin to regenerate itself with a powerful blend of fifty biomimetic ingredients that restore the skin’s original quality and metabolic strength. You get an instant tightening effect, and over time it improves skin texture, fine lines, and post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Slot it into your skincare routine after you’ve cleansed and toned and before you apply your moisturizer. I apply it directly onto scars after I’ve double cleansed and used my derma roller, as this helps increase absorption of the serum.

13. The Tool That Keeps my Skin Snatched: ZIIP Beauty Nano Current Skincare Device, $495

Huda's favorite productsSource: ZIIP

When I said I love beauty tools, I wasn’t kidding! If you’re looking to tighten and tone your skin, you need this device. The tool uses electronic vibrations, which push current through the skin using positively and negatively charged discs, to stimulate skin cells. This increase in energy boosts levels of ATP (the energy currency of cells), which effectively stimulates the creation of elastin and collagen to improve your skin.

It doesn’t hurt at all, and what I love most is that not only does it show better and better results the more you use it, but you can see insane results after just one use. Literally, the 12-minute Energize program lifts and sculpts your face, just stop after you’ve done one side, and you’ll see a dramatic difference. I use it before any big event to snatch my face. It also can be used to combat melasma, hyperpigmentation, undereye bags, and wrinkles. Another major bonus? It’s super easy to use, you just need to download the app and choose your program to target your skin concerns. Check out my full review here.

14. For Instant Hydration: WISHFUL Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask, $9

Huda's favorite products

We only just launched this mask but I’ve been using it ever since we received our first sample and I’m in love with the results! It’s undoubtedly THE most hydrating sheet mask I’ve ever used, thanks to the double-layer-fiber technology that holds significantly more serum than a typical sheet mask. The super hydrating serum is packed with a potent cocktail of aloe vera, hollyhock rose extract, and sodium hyaluronate. Just apply it to clean, dry skin, then let your skin soak up all the goodness for 20 minutes – I even leave mine on twice as long sometimes, because the mask stays really wet as it’s so full of serum!

15. My Fave Face Oil: Ren Skincare Rose 012 Moisture Defence Oil, $80

Huda's favorite products Source: Ren Skincare

This rose oil has been my skin savior for years: It’s super nourishing and soothes my dry skin in seconds. The oil is a rich blend of Carthame oil, seabuckthorn, and rose Damascena oil, which are full of fatty acids and omegas to help strengthen the epidermis, preventing future moisture loss while repairing the skin. These oils are packed with antioxidants to fight damaging free radicals and brighten the skin. As I have dry skin, I use it as the last step of my skincare routine morning and night and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and plump. If you have oily skin, I recommend using this as the last step of your nighttime skincare routine, however, if you have oily skin limit it to nighttime usage.  

Have you guys tried any of these products? Let me know some of your faves you think I should try in the comments below.