How To Get Rid Of A Pimple ASAP!


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There’s no ideal time to get a pimple, but for some reason, a breakout always seems to hit at the worst time possible; the night before a first date, a big interview, your birthday… We’ve ALL been there. Fortunately for you, we’ve tried every trick and tip in the book, from the cult products, the DIYs, the weird remedies – you name it, we’ve tried it! So, we’ve created the ultimate pimple-zapping routine to banish zits ASAP!

Before you go on the attack… We understand that your immediate reaction is to pop or squeeze, but actually the gentle, less is more approach, is the one you want to take. Try not to overwhelm your skin with too many products or strong ingredients, as this can irritate your skin. Finally, remember that pimples are normal and everyone gets them, so don’t stress too much.

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Step 1: Ice it

A lot of the time, you can feel a pimple before you can even see it – it’s like a sixth sense! As soon as you feel that little tingling (or sometimes throbbing), apply some ice (wrapped in tissue) to the area for around three minutes to help reduce swelling. Remember, this will only work on inflamed pimples – anything slightly red or painful to touch.

Step 2: Don’t Pick It, Protect It

Pimple stickers are great for taking down pimples fast without damaging your skin. Whack on a sticker as soon as you feel a zit emerging. The dressing will also prevent you from being able to pick at it. We swear by the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, $11, but you can also make your own pimple stickers out of blister plasters. Find out how to DIY your own acne stickers here.

For those deep, under-the-skin hormonal pimples, try a ZitSticka, which is a self-dissolving microdart patch that floods your zit with salicylic acid. The ZitSticks Killa Kit, $29, comes with eight pimple patches and eight pre-soaked clarifying wipes, and they really are the best for taking down those early-stage zits – why wait until you can see it!

Try a Pimple-Zapping DIY

Banana peels: Banana peels are bursting with anti-inflammatory ingredients like zinc and vitamin A, as well as enzymes that’ll help fade scars. So, whenever we have a blemish and no pimple treatment, we use the peel of a ripe banana and rub it directly onto a pimple. After 30 minutes, wash your face, and repeat twice, daily.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree is a triple threat: it has both antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties to kill acne bacteria and calm existing pimples. For a quick and easy DIY, lightly press a warm flannel onto your skin to open your pores, then dab diluted tea tree oil onto your blemish. We love the Versed Nix It Complexion Solution, $13, which contains tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and rosemary and lemon oil to control oil, reduce redness, and fight bacteria.

Try a Drying Solution

Before you sleep, an overnight drying solution can work wonders. Our fave is the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $17, it contains salicylic acid to unclog dead skin cells that are blocking your pores, and calamine lotion to soothe and reduce redness. To apply, dip a cotton bud in the bottle until it reaches the pink sediment and then dab it onto your pimple. Read our full review here.

What to Avoid When Hou Have a Pimple

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Don’t apply toothpaste: We’ve all been there – a pimple starts to emerge, and your instant reaction is to drown it in toothpaste. Well, while it may dry your pimple overnight, it could also irritate your skin as it contains potent ingredients like alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda.

Don’t touch it: We know it’s tempting and oh-so-satisfying to squeeze your pimple, but avoid touching it at all costs! If you squeeze your zit, you’ll most likely aggravate it and could worsen the breakout. If you seriously attack it, you’ll also increase the risk of scarring. If you absolutely insist on doing it – sometimes we don’t take our own advice either – make sure your skin and hands have been thoroughly washed, then wrap clean tissue around your fingers and gently apply pressure to the skin immediately around the pimple. Never use your nails!

Don’t eat these foods: Certain foods trigger acne, so while you’re dealing with a breakout, try to stay away from certain foods. The most common triggers include foods that are high in refined sugars or complex carbs, like white bread or pasta, and of course, candy and fizzy drinks. Eating high amounts of dairy can also encourage breakouts for some people, as it can cause inflammation and promotes redness and swelling. For more foods that could be to blame for your breakout, read this post.

Avoid astringents: Astringents, like witch hazel, alcohol, and apple cider vinegar, can disrupt the skin’s barrier and irritate the skin, so it’s best to avoid them while you’re dealing with a pimple. This means unless you have very oily skin, you should cut back on astringent toners.

Avoid acne-triggering formulas: People who are prone to breakouts should stay clear of rich formulas as these could clog your pores further. Avoid makeup that contains mineral oil or lanolin and instead look for ingredients that are non-comedogenic. Instead, ppt for lightweight, hydrating ingredients.

If You Have a Pimple Emergency…

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If a pimple hits at THE worst time, like the night before your wedding, don’t worry there’s always a solution: find the nearest dermatologist and ask for a cortisone injection. This will seriously reduce the size of your pimple, and in most cases, will ensure that your pimple is barely noticeable within 24 hours. Hydrocortisone cream is another option ( over-the-counter cortisone), and if you dab a little on your pimple, you’ll help to banish redness and flatten any swelling. Although you should only use this for a week or two at a time and it should only be used for targeted treatment only.

Let us know your fave pimple-zapping routine in the comments below.