Your Complete Guide To Huda Beauty Makeup Brushes & Tools


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We’ll say it louder for those at the back: your makeup brushes and tools can make or break your beat! That’s why we pour our heart and soul into every makeup tool we release to guarantee it blends and buffs to perfection. But we’ll be real with y’all: picking the right tool can be confusing, so here’s the DL on allll our makeup brushes and which ones you need to get your flawless beat.

For Your Ultimate Complexion Base 

1. Build and Buff Double-Ended Foundation Brush, $33

1-Build-&-Buff-Double-Ended-Foundation-BrushBest for: All foundation formulas

This double-ended foundation brush builds and blends your base to new levels of perfection. The pyramid-shaped side is designed to amplify coverage in hard-to-reach areas (like around the nose), while the densely backed rounded-side buffs for an airbrushed, full-coverage finish that takes seconds to achieve.

2. Basic B Sponge, $17

4-Basic-B-SpongeBest for: All formulas

A double-sided sponge applicator that blends cream and liquid formulas like a dream. Use the big rounded side for all-over buffing, the sharp pointed tip to get into tiny crevices, and the flat end to breeze through your baking and contouring routines. Always use damp for the most airbrush results, and don’t forget to wash it every time you use it. It also works perfectly for baking.

3. GloWish Airbrush Finish Skin Tint Brush, $31

9-GloWish-Airbrush-Finish-Skin-Tint-BrushBest for: Liquid and cream formulas

A custom-cut complexion brush with an ergonomic handle (made with post-consumer recycled plastic) and ultra-plush bristles that apply, blend, and buff cream and liquid formulas for a flawless finish. We love this for a natural, light base.

4. GloWish All Over Face Powder Brush, $31

7-GloWish-All-Over-Face-Powder-BrushBest for: Powder formulas

Our domed fluffy brush has synthetic bristles to perfectly distribute powders with natural and even coverage, giving a light, seamless finish.

5. N.Y.M.P.H. Face Skin Perfector Brush, $31


Best for: Cream formulas

A densely packed kabuki brush that effortlessly blends and buff cream and liquid formulas with a seamless, streak-free finish.

For Sculpting: Conceal, Bake, Contour, and Highlight

6. Conceal & Blend Complexion Brush, $25

5-Conceal-&-Blend-Complexion-BrushBest for: Blending liquids and creams

A domed concealer brush with densely packed bristles that mimic the shape of your fingertip for quick and easy blending and a cake-free finish. We love to use it with our #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Concealer to get a full-coverage, perfectly blended finish.

7. Bake & Blend Dual-Ended Setting Complexion Brush, $26

6-Bake-&-Blend-Dual-Ended-Setting-Complexion-BrushBest for: Loose and pressed powder

This dual-ended brush is creatively customized for baking baddies on the go. It has an angled side that picks up and presses loose or pressed powder into the skin and a fluffy side that dusts off the excess effortlessly.

8. Tantour Face Contouring Sculpt & Shade Brush, $28


Best for: Cream formulas

A double-sided brush with synthetic fibers designed for cream contour and bronzer application. The smaller, angled side is dense and deposits just enough product for precise contouring, while the larger, fluffy brush helps buff and blend streaky lines away.

9. GloWish All Over Bronze Brush, $27

11-GloWish-All-Over-Bronze-BrushBest for: Powder formulas

Our vegan duo-fibered brush creates a soft-blurred effect with fine fibers that hug the contours of your face for seamless bronzer application. The ergonomic handle is made with PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic too – yay!

10. Cheeky Tint Blush Stick Brush, $25

12-Cheeky-Tint-Blush-Stick-BrushBest for: Cream formulas

A tri-fiber brush that fits comfortably into the contours of your cheek and has varying bristle lengths that ensure even distribution of powder or cream blush formulas for a customizable look.

11. N.Y.M.P.H. Cheek Blush & Glow Brush, $27


Best for: Powder formulas

This small fluffy brush is designed to pick up the perfect amount of blush that Cupid himself couldn’t recreate. Made with synthetic fibers, it glides, and blends shimmers effortlessly onto the skin.

12. Glow Highlighter Brush, $23


Best for: Highlight that pops

A tapered highlighter brush that makes everything from precise highlighting to an all-over glow easily achievable. Use the precision tip for a natural glow, the tapered sides for a subtle highlight, or the flat side for high-impact shine.

13. N.Y.M.P.H. Highlighting Powder Brush, $40