Why Hair Mists Are Perfect For Winter


If you’ve always wanted to be that person that walks around leaving a delicious, luxurious trail of scent behind you, then you need to get yourself a hair mist – it’s a perfume lover’s best-kept secret! The little-known truth is that hair mists are fragrance goals for winter, especially as your usual perfume points are often buried underneath layers of clothing. Plus, they have some major benefits for your hair too, more on that later…

Why Hair Mists Are The Bomb

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If you’re constantly topping up your fragrance throughout the day, then a hair mist may be your answer to long-lasting fragrance goals! Wondering why? Perfume doesn’t evolve as quickly on your hair as there is less heat absorption and friction. This means that the scent not only stays more potent but it remains closer to the true fragrance, rather than losing the top notes, which are often the high point of the fragrance. As we’ve also mentioned, hair mists are ideal for winter when the areas of your skin where you would usually apply fragrance are wrapped up and subsequently blocked underneath clothing.

If you’re skeptical about the staying power of hair mists, just think about the last time you went to a nightclub, BBQ, or bonfire and the smokey scent lingered on your hair all day, sometimes even after you’d washed it. This is because your hair literally traps scent molecules due to the presence of natural oils. And before you start spritzing your hair with your regular Eau Du Parfum, note that most traditional fragrances contain high levels of alcohol and can damage your hair, so it’s better to avoid spritzing often with perfume. However, hair mist fragrances are specifically designed for your hair, which means they won’t damage or dehydrate your locks.

Another major benefit? Hair mists are typically more affordable than perfumes. Plus, many luxury brands feature their signature scents in mist form. For example, our best-selling KAYALI fragrance, Déjà Vu White Flower | 57, $85, is also available as the Hair Mist Déjà vu White Flower | 57, $40, which is also packed with camelia oil, aloe vera and castor oil to nourish hair and add shine.

A selection of the coveted Byredo fragrances are also shoppable as hair mists, our favorite is Gyspy Water Hair Perfume, $75, which has an intoxicating, earthy scent. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more affordable fragrance we also love the Pacifica Hair & Body Mist, $12, which has notes of grapefruit, white patchouli, sugar notes, and geranium.

How Hair Mists Will Keep Your Hair Healthy

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Hair mists not only keep you smelling great throughout the day but they can save you from committing two major hair mistakes: over-washing your hair and over-using dry shampoo. Our go-to celeb hairstylist, Dom Seeley, repeatedly schools us on the importance of limiting hair washing and dry shampoo usage and insists that a hair mist is an ultimate solution for keeping your hair fresh on no-wash days.

According to Dom, you should only wash your hair every three to five days as washing it too frequently will ruin the natural biome of your scalp. He explains, “Hair sits at a pH balance of 4.5 to 5, which is the ideal pH balance for your scalp to thrive. When you dry shampoo or wash it every day, you’ll strip that protective layer off your hair and your hair and scalp will go into panic mode.” Over-washing your hair is particularly damaging during the winter, either when wet hair is exposed to icy temps that dehydrate the hair strands or when heat-styled, it can lead to brittle, damaged locks. Instead, Dom, says the best thing is to combat greasiness with natural clay formulas like kaolin and keep your hair smelling great with a hair mist.

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