How To Conquer PMS And Stay Zen And Happy


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Nobody enjoys their period symptoms, you know, the stomach cramps, the headaches, and our crazy high emotions. So, to make your time of the month a little more zen, we’re sharing our top tips on conquering PMS once and for all.

1. Never be caught off guard

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There’s nothing worse than being surprised by your period when you could’ve sworn you weren’t due for another week. To make sure this never happens, track your period not just in your diary but by using apps like Clue and MyFlo. It can tell you everything, from the date you’re due to the day you’ll most likely experience cramps and when you’ll be heaviest. MyFlo will even tell you what food and workouts you should be doing at certain times to be more productive and less likely to feel the typical painful symptoms.

2. Use Oils

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Essential oils can be really helpful for improving period pains. We love the Ketish The Potion Soothing Oil, $32, which is a blend of nourishing plant oils and soothing botanicals, with a calming lavender scent. Just massage a few drops onto your stomach and enjoy a self-care moment that helps to instantly soothe and comfort period pains.

3. Eat with your period in mind

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It’s time to put the chocolate down and resist those cravings because fatty, sugary foods are only going to heighten your PMS – although, let’s be honest, we’ll probably still nibble on some chocolate! You only crave these foods because your serotonin levels are running low, and although they’ll give you a quick fix, it’s not what your body really needs. Instead, eat foods that are packed with iron (or take iron supplements), like spinach, quinoa, and dark chocolate (we got you covered), as these can help prevent anemia triggered by the loss of blood during menstruation. Bananas are also a great sweet alternative as they release glucose and potassium at a steady rate to help elevate your mood for longer and eliminate that bloated feeling.

4. Crack open the gin

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This hack might not be for everyone, especially if you don’t drink, and don’t get us wrong, we know that alcohol is not the answer, but having a G&T on your period can actually help alleviate pain. Gin can help relax your joints and muscles, but it is also known to help prevent blood clotting that causes period pains. Unless you’re having a G&T, avoid other alcohol and keep your G&T intake to a two-drink maximum.

5. Get the gang over

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We’re firm believers that there are few things a night with the squad can’t fix, and your period’s no different; you just have to cater it to your monthly needs. So, get your besties over and trade your pillows for hot water bottles, as the heat will relax your abdominal muscles while sending signals to your brain to distract you from the cramps. It’s also the perfect opportunity for a DIY mask; check out some of our fave masks here.

Let us know in the comments if you have any tips for feeling better during your period.