How To Get The Hairstyle Instagram Is Obsessed With Right Now


glass hair

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As much as we live for loose beachy waves, sleek hair is having a major moment right now – yup, we’re talking about the celeb-approved hair trend that has taken over Instagram – glass hair. If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, glass hair is basically super shiny, straight hair that reflects any light that shines its way – think Kirra Kirra hair. The concept is pretty easy to understand, but considering very few people have hair like silk, it’s a look that requires some skill, or more specifically, a lot of hydrating products. So, we brought in celebrity hairstylist, Eduardo Bravo, aka Vogue’s go-to guy and stylist to A-list clients like Emily Ratakowski and Eva Longoria. He filled us in on his top tips, hacks, and products so you can get lustrous, mirror-like shine too. Here’s how…

Step 1: Wash Your Hair the Right Way

According to Eduardo, the first step to achieving that glass finish is washing it the right way. Firstly, he says it’s important to use “a good conditioner and rinse it thoroughly.” He also says that the beauty myth claiming that washing your hair with ice cold water, is actually true – “the myth is true, cold water does increase shine.” Although he assures us that you can “wash your hair with whatever water temperature you’re comfortable with” but you should finish with a blast of cold water, as “it helps close the cuticles down,” helping to tame flyaways, as well as “boosting circulation in your scalp,” which will help deliver more oxygen and natural oils to your hair.

Step 2: Blot Your Hair Dry

Once you’ve washed your hair, Eduardo told us that you should avoid “rubbing your hair dry with a towel” but instead “blot it dry with a thin cotton T-shirt, as this will help keep the cuticle aligned so that it will reflect more light.” And if you do decide to use a hairdryer, you should make sure you use the nozzle “as the nozzle will dry the hair in a flat plane” which again, will make it easier for you to get that next-level shine.

Step 3: Use the right tools

If there’s one thing pretty much all hair stylists agree on, it’s to never underestimate the power of a good hairbrush. Eduardo suggests “using a ceramic bristle brush if you have dry frizzy unruly curls and a boar bristle brush for finer to medium hair.” The boar bristle brush is actually ideal for glass hair as the bristles will gently massage the scalp, boosting blood circulation and triggering natural oils to be released from root to tip. Make sure you’re using the right hair brush for your hair type with our guide.

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Step 4: Straighten Your hair in Sections

One of the most important components to glass hair is getting your hair perfectly straight. So brush your hair thoroughly, teasing out any knots first, and then straighten it in sections so that all of the under sections are straight too. And don’t forget the back!

Step 5: Use Nourishing Products

Eduardo claims that “the secret to glass hair is applying the right nourishing products” so that the hair is fully hydrated and it can be as glossy as physically possible. Eduardo suggests using a silk cream as it will add moisture without being too heavy. He loves the Oribe Straight Away Silk Blowout Cream, $44, as it’s super luxurious, but says “it’s a little intense, so you only need to use a small amount, as even on thick hair, a little goes a long way.” Eduardo says a serum is another good option as they’re lightweight yet they contain active ingredients to nourish even the thirstiest hair: he recommends the Balmain Argan Elixir, $47, explaining an “elixir is moisture extracted, so it’s like an oil but it’s not as heavy.”

Step 6: Finish with Hairspray

To make sure your hair remains sleek all day long, Eduardo says that you need to finish with a hairspray. He loves the classic L’Oréal Satin Strong Elnett Strong Hold Hair, $15, as he says it’s “super fine so it doesn’t take away the shine, but it’s a flexible hold so your hair will still have some movement.”

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