Celeb Hairstylists Share How To Make Your Blow Dry Last Longer


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If you’re going to spend time giving yourself a blowout – or paying cash for someone else to do it – it makes sense that you’d want to ensure your good hair days last for as long as possible. For the best advice on  how to make your blow dry last longer, we reached out to a couple of celebrity hairstylists who were happy to share some quick tips on prolonging your hair-vestment. Here’re their genius tips:

Use Minimal Product

Make sure to use a light hand when applying products during your blowout and in the days that follow. “If you use minimal product, your hair won’t feel weighed down,” says celebrity stylist Justine Marjan, whose clientele includes Kristin Cavallari, Khloe Kardashian, and Ashley Graham. Built-up product can also make your scalp itchy when it starts mixing with oil and dirt, which is no bueno.

Keep Your Hands Out of Your Hair

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The worst thing you can do to freshly blow-dried hair is run your fingers through it all day long, says Sherry Ratay, a celebrity colorist who works with The Real Housewives cast. “This will make your hair closest to the scalp oilier,” she notes. An oily scalp spells limp, heavy hair that needs a wash.

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

The less friction on your head, the better. Avoid hoodies, and sleep on a silk pillowcase if you’ve got one. “This will allow your blowout to last longer by keeping moisture in your hair while you sleep, preventing frizz and bedhead in the morning,” says Marjan. She recommends The Hollywood Silk Solutions Silk Pillowcases, $45. Even if you’re not having a blow dry, we always recommend a silk pillowcase, check out why you should throw out your cotton pillowcase here.

Don’t Go Crazy with Dry Shampoo

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Yup, dry shampoo is your friend, but it can also be your enemy! Ratay says to spray sparingly and only in areas that are noticeably oily. “Overuse of dry shampoo can result in white powder residue and buildup,” she says. A little also goes a long way when it comes to dry conditioner, which should be reserved for mid-shaft and down to restore shine and moisture. Drybar’s Detox Dry Shampoo, $23, is a lightweight option that smells good and won’t leave much residue behind.

Strategically Wash

Face-framing layers and bangs tend to get oily and piece-y (in a non-cute way). You can strategically wash and blow dry these sections while preserving the rest of your ‘do.

Bun Up

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“When running errands and the humidity is high, do a soft bun to protect your hair from becoming frizzy,” advises Ratay. Use scrunchie, claw, or something like an Invisibobble, $8, that won’t cause hair creasing. On that note, make sure you’re also wearing a shower cap when showering.

Accessorize on Your Final Day

You can squeeze just a little bit more time out of your blowout with some accessories or light styling. A headband with a touch of dry shampoo can cover a greasy scalp, and a topknot or braid can conceal dry ends. If you have to rely on a hat that covers everything, though, you’ve officially pushed your limit.

When to Wash

You should instinctively know when it’s time to retire your blowout (ahem, if you reach for a hat, for example). However, Ratay says, “I would suggest to finally break down and shampoo when you are no longer able to control the oil, and when your hair begins to look dull rather than shiny.”

May the blowdry deities be forever in your favor!