Why You Need To Throw Away Your Cotton Pillowcase Now – Yes, Seriously!


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When we say silk pillowcase, our minds immediately drift to visions of a bachelor’s penthouse apartment – like something out of Fifty Shades Of Grey. However, we’re here to realign your thought process because there’s nothing boujee about sleeping on silk; it’s actually THE bombest thing for your hair and skin. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is SO much better than cotton; not only will it make you feel like a legit princess, you’ll wake up with just-woke-up hair (ironic), and you can forget about those inevitable sleep creases on your face. Seriously, you need to move on from your cotton pillowcase.

Maybe you’ve even heard all this before, but then thought, why would you fork out $60 when you already have a cotton pillowcase that gets the job done. Well, we’re here to tell you that getting the benefits of a silk pillowcase doesn’t need to be an investment, and we found a satin-finish pillowcase on Amazon for less than $10. Okay, so it’s not made of the finest silk, but it gives a silky finish that will give better hair and skin benefits than your classic cotton pillowcase.

The thing is, when you sleep on cotton pillowcases, the cotton ‘grabs’ your hair causing it to twist and stick. The difference between silk and satin-finish pillowcases is your hair moves freely; there’s no friction or tugging, which means you wake up with smooth hair. Another weird thing you probably never knew, cotton draws moisture from your hair, which over time makes your hair brittle and more prone to damage, not to mention it’s literally absorbing your skincare and haircare products into the pillow that you sleep on every night – dang it!

Think about it; you spend at least seven hours with your head on a pillow every night – whether you’re Netflixing or sleeping – so making the switch away from cotton really makes a lot of sense for your skin and your hair! So, whether you fancy investing $60 in a real silk pillowcase (you spend a lot of time in bed, so the cost per use is less than a cent in just a couple of years), or you want to test the benefits first with a less expensive satin-finish pillowcase (like the ones we found on Amazon), it really might be the best thing you ever did!

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