The Rose Gold REMASTERED Look Book: How To Recreate My Fav Looks


Huda Beauty Rose Gold

Hey my loves! I literally cannot wait for you guys to try the new Rose Gold REMASTERED palette. It was so important to us that this would be a palette that everyone could use, so I wanted to share the colors that I loved and used daily, that truly suit every mood or any look. We used all the essential colors; the best reds, the most beautiful browns, and stunning shimmers that all work together in perfect harmony so you can create endless looks. It’s such a romantic collection of colors, but it’s unique because you can do both soft, girly glam and really fierce, bold looks. Our new formulas are even creamier and pigmented than before, and our new melted metal shades work perfectly with both a brush and fingers, so the palette is super easy to use. These are three of my fav looks, which are so simple to recreate and will literally only take you 5 minutes.

Red Rose

Huda beauty rose gold remastered look

I’m obsessed with this combo – it’s just so fierce and sultry. The melted metal shades are really bold and creamy, they literally melt onto your lid (hence the name), and combined with the powerful mattes, it creates a really stunning statement eye.

RGR swatches lookHow to recreate: Use Demure all over the lid, right up until the brow bone. Lightly blend Risqué into the crease, or if you want to create a more intense look, add Maneater. Using a dense brush, layer Rose Gold and Trust Fund onto the lid and gently press Fling onto your lid to add a little warmth. To brighten the inner corner, use a small dense brush and apply Moondust topped with Bubbly. To finish, use a small dense brush and apply Demure and Risqué to your lower lash line, using a soft fluffy brush to blend. Use Black Truffle to line your upper lash line using a damp angled brush, smoking it out towards the wing into a smudged cat-eye. To complete the look, add a pair of Noelle lashes, $30, and use the Huda Beauty Bombshell & Trendsetter lip contour set, $36, to perfect your pout.

Golden Goddess:

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered

I swear I’m going to be wearing this look all summer long as it looks AHmazing with bronzed skin, and of course, a ton of highlighter! Sandalwood and Henna have been my go-tos ever since we created this palette, as they work so well by themselves or as a base. Combined with the warm and vibrant golds, it creates such a sexy final look.

RGR-swatches-golden-goddessHow to recreate: Apply Sandalwood and Henna all over the lid, then intensify the crease by blending in Coco. Add shimmer by applying Blessed all over the lid and top it off with 24K for a majorly popping look. Use a small dense brush and blend Moon Dust into the inner corners to brighten. For extra drama, add a pair of our Jade lashes, $30. For the lips, line them using our Bombshell Lip Contour and fill with Bombshell Liquid Matte, for a little shimmer, our Lip Strobe in Ritzy has a subtle gold shimmer to complete the look; shop the Bombshell Contour and Strobe set, $36, here.

Pink Petal
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 6.36.57 PM

This look is super soft and feminine and is one of my fav daytime looks. The Demure matte shade perfectly reflects the romantic hues of rose petals and a pop of Doll Face gives this such a playful vibe.

RGR-swatches-pinkHow to Recreate: Use Demure all over the lid and then gently work Doll Face into the crease to add depth. Using a small dense brush, sweep Doll Face along the lower lash line and then using a fluffy brush, blend it out using a touch of Demure. For a little extra sparkle, dab Pink Diamond onto your lid using a brush, or for an extreme shine finish, use your finger. Finally, wet a thin liner brush and dip it into Black Truffle to line your upper lash line, drawing it out into a cat flick. If you want to apply some falsies, we love using Samantha lashes, $24. Finish the look using the Bombshell Liquid Matte and Countour Set,$36, gently blending with your fingers for a really soft, sultry look.

Application Tips:

Mattes: These shades are super pigmented, so a little goes a long way! Gently dab your brush into the pan to pick up pigment, and tap excess onto a tissue. Blend onto the lid, building up layers to add intensity.

Melted Metals: These shadows can be applied really easily with a brush. For a soft shimmer, use a fluffy brush, for an intense metallic finish use a dense brush or for an amplified melted metal finish, use your finger or spray your brush with setting spray before application.

Black Truffle: This shadow can be used wet and dry depending on what look you want to achieve. Dampen a flat angled brush and dip it into Black Truffle, or use your preferred brush to use it as a matte shadow to smoke out your look.

I’m so excited to see all the looks you guys create with it, don’t forget to tag #HudaBeautyRoseGoldRemastered on Instagram with your looks.