How To Store Your Perfume To Make It Last Longer



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If you’re anything like us, a spritz with your fave perfume is the ultimate finishing touch to any outfit. It also means you probably prize your perfumes and want to savor every last expensive drop of the precious fragrance, in which case you need to make sure you’re storing them properly! Here are our top tips for storing perfumes, and also an explanation as to why you may see color changes in some perfumes.

1. Store Away from Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight breaks down fragrances, so always try to keep fragrances away from windows or store them on shelves, in boxes or somewhere dark. Look for bottles with dark or opaque glass packaging, which will help protect the perfume from sunlight.

2. Store at the Right Temperature

Hot temperatures affect the chemical bonds in fragrance while if the temperature is too low, that can also degrade the fragrance more quickly. This means storing perfume in your bathroom or anywhere the temperature fluctuates a lot is a big no-no. Room temperature between 16 to 22 degrees is ideal.

3. Avoid Humid Environments

High humidity breaks down particles in your fragrances, which means storing perfume in your bathroom where the constant steam from showers and baths can penetrate the bottles should definitely be avoided.

4. Never Shake the Bottle

If you’ve ever been tempted to shake your perfume bottle, please don’t! By shaking it around you expose the perfume to excess air, which can speed up the breakdown of your fragrance over time.

5. Know your Color Changes!

Color changes in fragrance are nothing to freak out about. Most often, the change in color is down to the natural changes in raw materials like vanilla, tuberose, and white flower. While the color may deepen over time, the scent remains the same.

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