How To Use Our NEW Melted Shadows Like A Bawse

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Melted shadow application tips

Why spend 20 minutes on your eyeshadow when you can do it in less than three? Our new, revolutionary eyeshadow formula, the Huda Beauty Matte & Metal is going to forever change the way you do your makeup (and how quickly you do it).

The dual-ended eyeshadows have one crazy pigmented matte shade, plus a popping shimmer shadow on the other end (get ALL the deets here). Like all Huda Beauty shadows, it’s long-wearing AF (it’s even waterproof) and it’s perfect for all glam makeup-lovers on-the-go. We love that you can apply intense, even pigment in less than 30 seconds, and slay a cut crease in minutes. But as with all new products and formulas, you need to know exactly how to use it for flawless application. Matte & Metal Melted Shadows

Matte Shadow Application Tips

  • The formula is really intense and rich, so remember, a little goes a long way. For even application, do one eye at a time, and apply three small dots of pigment along the lid, then blend as quickly as possible. The formula dries quickly so you won’t need to wait around to start playing with shimmer!

  • To blend out the Matte formula, you can either use your finger or a blending brush. If you use a brush, we recommend a densely packed blending brush, like our Smoke & Smudge Eyeshadow Brush, $15, then use back and forth motions to blend it out in seconds.
  • Don’t forget to line the lower lash: Apply two small drops of pigment then blend it out using a smaller smudging brush (sometimes we even use our little finger).

  • The formula sets very quickly, so blend blend blend as quickly as possible! We literally apply the formula and then blend it out immediately for the most flawless finish.
  • To use the matte shadow or shimmer pigments for a graphic liner looks, use a small liner brush for precision.

matte nad metal liquid shadows

Metal Shimmer Application Tips

  • The shimmer shades are pure shimmer and pearls, so a little goes a very long way. Make sure you remove any excess formula from the brush before you apply it to the lid. If you want a shimmering effect, we recommend applying a small amount and blending it out, you don’t need to cover the entire area you want to add shimmer to.
  • Use small gentle strokes for even application, and if applying all over the lid, we recommend blending with your finger or a small dense brush.
  • If you want heightened precision for a more dramatic liner look, you can always use a thinner brush like the Morphe M250-1 Detail Liner, $2.50.

Our 3 Fave Melted Shadow Makeup Looks:

Shimmering Glitter Glam

Melted shadows application tips

When we go glam, we go don’t do it in half measures. This golden goddess look with our Melted Shadow in Private Jet and Shimmering Sunset is so versatile and looks good on all skin tones. For a daytime look, we rock it with a nude lip, but for date night or a night with the squad, we go for a bold, daring lip. Check out this post for our top tips on braving a bold lip.

  1. Apply the Matte Melted Shadow in Private Jet all over lid, and blend using a fluffy brush or your finger.
  2. Line your lower lash line with the same matte shade, then blend using a smudge brush.
  3. Apply a couple of strokes of the Shimmering Sunset shimmer on top of the matte, and before the product is fully dry, blend the shimmer shadow with a brush, or finger, to diffuse the glitters across your lid. This will help you achieve more of a shimmery effect rather than a foil.
  4. Use a small dense brush or your finger to apply a little shimmer on the inner corners of the eyes.
  5. Use a liquid liner to draw an intensely black wing. We love the Benefit Roller Liner, $22, read the full review here.
  6. Apply the Huda Beauty Farah lashes, $23, to open up the eye and complete the look.

Modern Cut Crease

Melted shadow application tips

This look has seriously got us in our feelings. It’s classic and modern, yet the cut crease gives it an edgy twist. It also translates from day-to-night, making it our go-to look of the moment.

How to get the look:

  1. Apply the Faux-Fur Matte Melted Shadow all over the lid, then quickly blend it outwards using a fluffy brush or your finger.
  2. Use a tan colored powder shadow shade under the eye, we used the shade Sandalwood from our Rose Gold Remastered Eyeshadow Palette, $65, but you can use any warm brown shade.
  3. Apply a thin line of Bamboo Hoops glitter on the bottom inner corner of the eye (tip: wipe off excess product from the brush applicator or use your own thin liner brush).
  4. Use the shimmer formula to draw a precise glitter line just above the crease.
  5. Add liquid liner and a strong wing to complete your look.
  6. Finish with our fave Huda Beauty Farah lashes, $23, for the full look.

Champagne Shimmer

Melted shadows

This has become our signature look over the past couple of months. It’s just SO pretty and feminine.

How to get the look:

  1. Apply the Bubble Bath Matte Melted Shadow all over the lid, blending outwards with a fluffy brush.
  2. Apply Pink Champagne glitter all over the lid, and use a flat eyeshadow brush to blend out.
  3. Use the Spanked matte shade from the Huda Beauty New Nude Palette (or a matte berry shade), $68, to contour the crease.
  4. Apply the Bubble Bath Matte Melted Shadow along the lower lash line, and blend out with a pencil brush. We love the Morphe M250-1 Detail Liner, $2.50.
  5. Add liquid liner, we recommend the Benefit Roller Liner, $22.
  6. Intensify the shimmer further using Daydream from the New Nude Palette using the sponge tip from the Fender Blender brush, $15.
  7. Use Love Bite from the New Nude Palette along the bottom lash line and Pink Champagne Glitter on the inner corners of your eyes.
  8. Apply Huda Beauty Farah Lashes, $23, to complete the look.

Let us know your fave look in the comments below.