I Discovered THE Most Magical Drugstore Product in London



MR7A6906 - PS Brushes copy-2We’ve all watched enough YouTube videos to know that when it comes to flawless makeup, it’s as much about your brush arsenal as it is about the products. And I personally, am obsessed (I’m not even sure if I should reveal the extent of my makeup brush collection)! But let’s get real, brushes are expensive. Well, not anymore… Primark might have just created the most affordable, most magical makeup brushes we’ve ever set our eyes on, all for less than £9 – for a set!

Whether you prefer a unicorn or a mermaid, Primark is going to let all your mythical fantasies come true with their luminous twisted horn unicorn set and ombre mermaid tale makeup brushes. Not into make-believe? The super chic marble collection set (£7), or their holographic handled makeup brushes are equally as gorgeous, and each set contains a super diverse, useful brush collection that is the perfect way to start your collection.