I Tried The Tool That ACTUALLY Gets Rid Of Cellulite


get rid of celluliteSource: Cult Beauty

Okay, I know you already think that this sounds too good to be true, but I swear to you, this device really works. Beauty tools that use electrical microcurrents have made huge breakthroughs for in-office treatments, and over the last few years, handheld devices like NuFace and Ziip have been harnessing electrical currents to tone and tighten the face – obsessed, btw. The latest genius beauty device targets cellulite, smoothing away dimples while toning and tightening areas of the body; meet The NuFACE NuBODY Skin Toning Device, $400. I tried it out to see how it worked, how quickly it worked, and where it worked!

What it is: A device that firms and tightens the skin by emitting low-voltage electrical currents that mimic your body’s own electrical currents at a cellular level.

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What it does: The device will stimulate collagen and elastin production and can be used on areas like the thighs, bum, upper arms, and abs. You only need to use the tool on the treatment area for five minutes each day, and you simply apply a conductive priming gel (which it comes with) and hold the tool or glide it in upward motions over the area you want to target. They suggest using the tool for 60 days, five days a week, and then just three times a week after that.

What we liked: I really wanted to test this out on my bum and the tops of my thighs, and I was actually so impressed that after just a few uses I could already notice a difference, which I didn’t expect as the manual said you should use it for around two months. I continued using it, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t do it five days a week, but it did make a difference anyway. I’ve personally found that no matter how much I workout (not often enough) or try to eat healthily (I always get sucked in by mac and cheese) that I just have a few stubborn areas that will not tighten up, so this has definitely helped!

NuFace say that for stubborn dimpled areas you can hold the NuBody stationary, so when I was feeling lazy, I just did that – which I think will also work really well for bingo wings. I also really want to try it for back flab, but I’m going to need my husband Chris to help me with that! It doesn’t hurt, but it can feel a little prickly if you don’t apply enough conductive gel.

get rid of celluliteSource: Cult Beauty

What we didn’t like: Five minutes a day doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you want to treat a few areas, then this can end up taking quite long. The good thing is, it’s super easy and you don’t need to concentrate while you do it, so you can easily do it while you Netflix. However, if you do want to do more than one spot it all adds up; I did my bum and the back of my thighs which took around 25 minutes because you also have to apply the conductive gel and then remove it. The conductive gel is very slimy, so it’s not something you want to get on your clothes or leave on.

The verdict: I love the idea of this and I was really pleased with the results, but it is expensive, and it can be quite time-consuming if you use it for multiple areas. If it’s way out of your beauty budget and time isn’t on your side, then there’s always the 7-minute workout and dry brushing (which I swear by). Although if you consider how much time and money you would need to spend on in-office smoothing treatments, you will get more for your money with the NuBody.

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Have you guys tried this? I’d love to know what you think of the concept in the comments.