This Skincare Brand Proves That Skincare = Science

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Skincare is science… and in the case of Institut Esthederm, their skincare brand truly is rooted in biology. With formulas led by scientists who understand the advanced biology behind skincare, they carefully formulate, test, and review every product they create. We like the sound of that…

The Biology Behind Institut Esthederm

Things are gonna get science-y. Your skin’s made up of billions of cells that absorb water, light, and adapt to the environment – cool, right? But this means they also deal with external and internal aggressors as well as damaging UV rays! As a biological pharmacist, Founder Jean-Noël Thorel saw the opportunity to create skincare targeted at skin cells… And took it. 

With a team of biology brainiacs, he created a skincare lineup that treats everything from hyperpigmentation to sun damage at a DNA level. Fun (mind-blowing) fact: their formulas contain patented Cellular Water instead of actual water. Mimicking the H20 in your skin, this special sumn’ energizes your cells to absorb the rest of your skincare products better. They’re not here to play!

Our Fave Institut Esthederm Products 

Chop, chop, no time to waste! Here’s everything we tried and loved in their collection:

1. Photo Reverse High Protection, $70 

1-Photo-Reverse-High-ProtectionSource: Institut Esthederm

What’s in it: A patented Global Cellular Protection technology for high sun protection (equivalent to SPF 50). 

Why we love it: This sun-shielding formula serves protection at a CELLULAR level. Translation: it protects and strengthens your deepest defense system against damaging UVA/UVB rays and other external stressors. If that wasn’t enough, it softens any sun damage concerns (dark spots and photo-aging) when you stay consistent. Thankfully, it blends without a greasy feel and plays nicely under makeup. It’s our new go-to.

2. Intensive Propolis+ Zinc Serum-Lotion, $48

2-Intensive-Propolis+Zinc-Serum-LotionSource: Institut Esthederm

What’s in it: Oil-absorbing zinc Gluconate and cellular water.

Why we love it: If you have acne-prone skin and need some TLC ASAP, use this bottle to soothe discomfort and remove excess oils. It mattifies without a sticky/tacky feeling, refines uneven texture, and softens the appearance of post-inflammatory pigmentation with consistent use. Our only warning? It’s kinda intense, so always hydrate post-use with a skin-loving moisturizer.

3. Intensive AHA Peel Concentrated Serum, $96

3-Intensive-AHA-Peel-Concentrated-SerumSource: Institut Esthederm

What’s in it: 12% AHAs and BHAs and cellular water. 

Why we love it: Made with an exfoliating trio (lactic, citric, and salicylic acid), this velvety formula nixes dead skin cells  for a brighter, smoother, and more even complexion. It even blurs the appearance of pores and smooths uneven texture. Our tip is to build up use and increase usage as your skin gets comfortable with it.

4. Intensive Retinol Serum, $82

4-Intensive-Retinol-SerumSource: Institut Esthederm

What’s in it: Pure 0.3% retinol + cellular water. 

Why we love it: Formulated with the most stabilized form of retinol, every drop of this potent elixir is oh-so-effective. A few drops are all you need to brighten your complexion, boost cell production, smooth fine lines, and restore your skin to its healthiest state – pretty impressive! 

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