This Will Change The Way You Use Perfume, Forever!


how to layer fragranceSource: KAYALI by @SaraShakeel

Hey my loves! In case you haven’t heard me talking about it, we’re launching a fragrance called KAYALI, and I’m so excited to tell you guys more about it. For me, KAYALI is so much more than just a fragrance collection; it has a super unique concept that allows you to personalize and create your own signature scent.

KAYALI, which means ‘my imagination’ in Arabic, perfectly conveys what my sister Mona and I wanted the spirit of this collection to be about: an expression of yourself, for every layer of you. The concept is that you layer different scents to create something special and unique to you, so depending on how many spritzes, the order they’re applied, and the different scents, you can always customize them to your mood. I love that different combinations and scents can take you back to a specific time in your life, like a bookmark to a memory, and this is exactly what we hope KAYALI can help you do.

I wanted to tell you guys a bit more about each fragrance and how Mona and I layer fragrances – I swear it will literally change the way you use perfume. Even if you don’t use KAYALI fragrances, this concept works for all your perfumes – women in the Middle East have been doing it for centuries! I hope you guys find this interesting, and check out my guide to layering below.

How to layer fragrances like a pro

The main thing to remember with layering is it’s all about playing around and finding different combinations you love! Typically, you should spray your fragrances in order of intensity, using the lightest, most delicate fragrances at the end – but you can do you, so don’t be afraid to break the rules. Check out our tips for layering KAYALI fragrances here.

To help start layering your own fragrances, use our chart below to see what your fave type of scent works best with:

fragrance layering guide

Another thing to remember with fragrance is the intensity. An eau de toilette has a lower percentage of fragrance – it could be between five to 15% – which means it doesn’t last as long or smell as strongly. Eau de parfum often has between 15 to 20% fragrance content, which means it’s more potent and lasts longer, so we recommend first layering an eau de parfum, and then the eau de toilette. Check out our guide to finding your signature scent to see which fragrances have notes that you like.

Let us know if you have any fave fragrance combinations in the comments below!