What Is A Lash Lift? And Is It Better (And Cheaper) Than Lash Extensions?


If there’s one beauty look we’ll always be obsessed with, it’s long, luscious lashes –  they just make your eyes seem so much bigger and sexier! So, even though we love false lashes, they’re not the most practical or cost-effective solution for daily use – even if you can re-wear them by cleaning them properly. Fortunately, there are now tons of salons offering treatments that provide a more permanent solution than a set of falsies. While you might have heard about the magical powers of lash extensions, lash lifts are just as transformative and way less hyped about, and we have no idea why. They instantly make your lashes look so much longer and fuller, plus they’re way cheaper and require a lot less maintenance than extensions. Here’s how the two compare:

The Cost

While both treatments aren’t quite as cost-effective as your fav mascara, lash lifting is definitely the less expensive option. A lash lift will typically cost between $50 and $100, and the effect usually lasts for around eight to twelve weeks, at which point new lashes will begin to replace the treated set. Extensions, however, will set you back anywhere between $150 and $250 and they only last between two and four weeks (depending on how you care for them). Lash lifts are also low maintenance af, and unlike lash extensions, you won’t need to pay to have them topped up after a few weeks ($65) or removed ($20).

The Appointment

The full lash appointment usually takes around an hour, and if you choose to get a tint, it’ll take another fifteen minutes, which isn’t bad considering lash extensions usually take around two hours. Neither of the treatments hurt, but they can be slightly uncomfortable, and you have to keep your eyes shut the entire time.

Customization: Similar to lash extensions, you can customize your lash lift curl in order to suit your eye shape or just your lash preference. You can usually choose between three shield size options, and your lash technician will help you choose the best fit depending on your hair length and eye shape. You can also choose to fan your lashes outwards or lift them straight up as high as possible.

The Process

First, your lash technician will cleanse your lashes and then separate your lower and upper lashes with a silicone shield. Once the shield is firmly glued onto your eyelid, they will apply another layer of glue to the top of the shield, which will then hold your lashes in place. Next, they apply a solution that effectively perms your lashes; the solution softens your lashes so that they are easily moldable. This is normally then left on for eight to twelve minutes, depending on how well your hair typically holds: So if you have straight hair that always drops a curl, the perm would be left on for the full 12 minutes. You can also choose to get your lashes tinted at this point. Afterward, a setting solution is applied to hold the curl, and the shields are removed.

Pre-Appointment prep: Show up to your appointment showered and makeup free. You should also avoid waterproof mascara a week before your appointment, as it leaves a film on your natural lashes, making it harder for the lash technician to style them.

Post-Appointment care: For 24 hours after your lash lift or extensions, you need to avoid makeup, getting your lashes wet, or any steamy environments. For lash lifts, that’s pretty much it; you can treat them as you usually would, and that also means you can wear mascara. You’re also advised to condition the lashes using coconut oil or a facial oil at night. Lash extensions, on the other hand, take a lot of TLC to keep them looking good. There’s a whole list of dos and don’ts: you can’t rub your eyes, get them wet, or sleep on your face. You’re not even supposed to use any oil-based products, and when it comes to taking your makeup off, you have to be super careful not to rub your eyes.

Check out these insane before and after pics of lash lifting here:

The Solution

Unlike lash extensions, lash lifting relies heavily on the perming solution, and as usual, some are better than others; so ask the salon which perm formula they use. Look out for nourishing ingredients like aloe or glycerin, which you can find in the Elleebana solution. You can also get Keratin solutions that strengthen and hydrate the lashes, while the Sugarlash PRO, CurlPerfect™ Perm Lotion is made of organic compounds that soften the lash without damaging it with any drying chemicals.

The Effect


Both lash extensions and lash lifts make a huge difference to your eyes. Extensions definitely add a more dramatic transformation, as you’re not relying on your lashes. So, if your eyelashes are quite sparse, you might find lash extensions better, as you can insert more lashes. Lash lifts look much more natural, and we love to get them tinted at the same time to maximize the effect, which is especially helpful if you’re going on vacay!

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