Lazy Beauty Hacks: Insanely Soft Skin In 1 Minute


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This is essentially an homage to my sister Alya, who’s super lazy when it comes to beauty! But the reality is that nobody really has time to do everything they’re meant to do every day, and it’s our beauty routines that often take the hit. Luckily, there a lot of things we can do to make beauty quicker and easier. I’m a firm believer in multi-tasking – I’m a mum running a company, so I know the demand on time – and I wanted to create some different tips and techniques on how to wrap up your beauty regimen with minimal effort.

The idea of super soft skin usually conjures images of intense scrubbing and a daily moisturizing routine, but there’s no reason anyone can’t do this soft skin hack and save a ton of time in the process. So, if you’re after insanely soft skin in just minutes, the answer is… Using a thick body oil while you bathe! Let me explain: A hot shower or a soak in the bath makes your skin extremely porous, and when you apply oil to wet skin, it’s able to seep deep down into your skin and lock in all the moisture of the water as well. You’ll find that you need far less body oil than if your skin were dry, and you get a much more effective and speedy application, which won’t leave you with greasy skin.

Here’s how it works: It’s super speedy, and you can use any thick oil you prefer, like coconut oil, olive oil, Johnson’s baby oil, or whatever else you have. Once you’ve showered and washed, rub the oil into your wet skin – you can either get out or submerge yourself back in the shower briefly. Then gently pat yourself dry and admire THE most hassle-free, softest skin ever. If you love to wind down in the bath and you’re extra lazy, you can simply add a few tablespoons of oil to your bath after you’ve washed, and soak for five minutes. My absolute FAV oil to use for this is the Shiffa Luxury Gold Body Oil, which is really thick but not greasy (plus, I know it won’t break me out!).

This is actually the best way to use oil on your skin as it penetrates deeper into your skin, absorbs much faster, and doesn’t leave a greasy layer on your skin. Effectively, it’s also sucking in the moisture of the water. Try this every other day, and you’ll never look back!