These 5 Lengthening Mascaras Legit Made Us Ditch Lash Extensions



Getting us to give up lash extensions is a HUGE deal  – truthfully, it’s damn near impossible. But major kudos to technology because the latest crop of mascaras tubes are some next-level lash-lifting sorcery. Apply these solo or cocktail them. Either way, their lengthening effects are out of this world!

1. Maybelline Sensational Sky High Mascara, $13

Maybelline-Sensational-Sky-High-MascaraSource: Maybelline

The mascara BeautyTok could not stop raving about, and thank the beauty gods it legitimately lives up to its non-stop hype. There are two things this baby got so right, – 1. the formula and 2. the brush. There’s nothing worse than a lengthening mascara that leaves your lashes goopy and bulky. This fiber-infused gem does NONE of that! It visibly lengthens and creates that same lightweight, fluttery-fullness you get from a set of classic lashes. And its Flex Tower wand is next level. It’s essentially a lash extension brush that bends and moves with every sweep so that each and every lash is coated and curled from root to tip. Hey Maybelline! We’ll take a lifetime supply of these, thanks.

2. Huda Beauty LEGIT LASHES Double-Ended Mascara, $29


Ever worn mascara and got asked if your lashes were real? Talk about the biggest flex ever, and our Legit Lashes provides exactly that – a fluttery and fan-like lash effect that’s SO good, it’s questionable. This is thanks to our unique double-ended brushes. We figured, instead of combining the bristles, why not just give you the best of both? The Volume end is for the drama queens who love mega volume. It contains short, volumizing fibers for the thickest lashes in just a few strokes. Then there’s the Curl & Length end with gripping waxes and lengthening fibers for flirty and fluttery peepers.

3. Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara, $20

RareBeauty-Perfect-Strokes-Universal-Volumizing-MascaraSource: Rare Beauty

This is one of Rare Beauty’s best-sellers that continues to garner thumbs-ups and stamps of approval from beauty ed’s and lovers all over. Universal and versatile, this little tube brings together everything you want out of a mascara – volume, length, lift, and definition. It combines long and short bristles for an instant volume boost and lengthening effect. And much like the other mascaras above, it has a buildable but featherlight formula that never weighs down your lashes, even after your 100 million coats. If you live in a warm region, definitely invest in this gem cause no amount of heat or humidity will shake or smudge these pigments.

4. L’Oréal Paris Makeup Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara, $10

LOréal-Paris-Makeup-Telescopic-Original-Lengthening-MascaraSource: L’Oréal

We first tried this mascara in 2016, and it’s had our hearts ever since. If you’re looking for a tube that will give you supreme length and eye-opening lash separation, look no further than this beaut. Like Maybelline’s, it features a flexible elastomer brush with precision bristles to hug and evenly coat each lash. Formula-wise, it’s ridiculously smooth with the blackest of black pigments. We love its buildable lash results, allowing you to switch up between light-length and legendary length with zero clumps in sight.

5. Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara, $24

Fenty-Beauty-Full-Frontal-Volume-Lift-&-Curl-MascaraSource: Fenty Beauty

We recently grew to love this mascara, and it stays true to its word – a do-it-all tube that can transform even the shortest lashes. Its unique brush has two distinct sides, each with different bristle designs. The so-called ‘fat side’ with the thicker bristles picks up the most product and works wonders for SOS moments when you quickly need to volumize and lift your lashes. And then there’s the ‘flat side’ with visibly thinner and tightly-compacted bristles to define every lash while curling them in the process.

What lengthening mascaras changed your day-to-day lash game? Plug us in the comments below 👀…

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