#HBAnswers: How To Make Press-On Nails Last Longer 


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Just checking in on our press-on besties… All nails intact? No? Don’t fret; we’ve had our press-on nails pop off – typically when we need them the most – more than we can count. But as your big sister, we thought we’d suggest some bomb-ass tricks and hacks that help these affordable sets last longer – no more touchups needed!

Press-On Nails Tip #1: Sizing is Key 

Shopping for press-on nail kits is like online shopping – you have to figure out which size fits your nail bed best without *actually* trying them on. To avoid any order mishaps, measure your nail beds first as @lizrenay does below.

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Press-on kits usually come with tons of options but if you can’t find one that fits your nail perfectly, customize it! File the tip and sides away and watch it fit snugly.

Press-On Nails Tip #2: Prep Nails

It’s an extra step *sigh*, but prepping your nails can help double your manicure’s staying power. First, you need to:

  • Dehydrate your nails: That means removing any excess oils or debris off your nail bed with either acetone or the alcohol pad, which is often included in the press-on kit.
  • Buff your nails: Use a buffer to lightly roughen-up your nails before applying the nail glue, as press-ons stick best to textured surfaces.

Press-On Nails Tip #3: Always Use Nail Glue

Ok, we know press-on nails with adhesive (sticky) backs help avoid the glue-everywhere sitch… But are they reliable? Not as much as nail glue, which only takes seconds to dry. We also carry our nail glue in our purse for on-the-go fixes… Y’know, just in case.

Press-On Nails Tip #4: Follow the Instructions

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Proper application is vital when it comes to long-lasting manicures, so our advice would be: follow the instructions! First, dot the center of your nail bed with nail glue, apply at a downward angle and hold for a minute.

Press-On Nails Tip #5: Avoid Water    

Press-on nails don’t like H20, babe. Exposing your new nails to water within the first few hours could weaken the glue (yikes) and reduce the wear time. It’s easier said than done, but try to give them about eight hours of (uninterrupted) drying time. #BetterAdhesion. You can use alcohol spray when necessary to avoid washing.

The only thing left to do is shop these cute festive press-on nails