These Luxe Organizers Will Keep Your Bathroom SO Tidy


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Resolutions abound at the start of the new year, and just in time for all that goal-setting, we’re here to inspire you with a little beauty organization energy. Yup, now’s the time to go through your beauty loot and toss out anything that’s past its expiration date along with neglected products that’ve been sitting there collecting dust. 

We know, we know. It sounds like a dreadful chore. But an organized arsenal of makeup and skincare goodies will make you feel good every time you see it, and it’ll also streamline your morning and evening routines. Plus, the job is way more fun when you’ve got some luxe-looking organizers that ensure every item has its own place. These are some of our fave organizers.

1. Birdbell Cosmetic Display Case, $64

Measurements: 11″D x 9″W x 16″H
Your entire skincare routine will fit perfectly in this oversized, retro-esque beauty organizer from Birdbell. At 11 x 16 inches, it’s built to display full-size products, including your big jars of moisturizers, tall cleansers, and a collection of serums. Plus, the clear lid makes for less dusting (#bless) and the extra two drawers gives you more space for random stuff. Oooh, and there is a handle for easy lugging!

2. Joybos Waterproof & Dustproof Cosmetic Display Box, $66

Measurements: 6.9″D x 10.4″W x 13.8″H
If you like the look of the Birdbell case but want something just a bit smaller, then this Joybus organizer might be more your thing. It comes in a creamy white color or a pale green shade.

3. Emily & Meritt Regency Makeup Organizer, $129

Measurements: 7″D x 15.75″W x 8″H
Bring on the sleek and chic vibes, plz. This charcoal-hued makeup organizer is equipped with 16 storage compartments and three drawers so you can proudly display your makeup, skincare, spritzes, and more. The shiny gold handles and claw foot details are major. 

4. Nealysea Acrylic Makeup Organizer, $26

Measurements:  ‎9.3″D x 6.7″W x 10.6″H
This is our choice beauty organizer for minimalists. The sleek, all-acrylic design might be simple to look at, but it’s got enough compartments and drawers to ensure your goodies are properly organized and stored. 

5. Everly Quinn Cosmetics Storage, $130

Measurements:  7.87″D x 11.81″W x 7.87″H
This cream-colored beauty organizer is similar to the Joybus and Birdbell options, but comes without a case for those who prefer streamlined access to their products. It’s got 12 compartments,  two drawers, and a pleated acrylic edge at the top to keep everything tucked safely inside. 

6. V-Hanver 360 Rotating Beauty Organizer, $27

Measurements: .92″D x 9.2″W x 13.4″H
Whether you’re a self-proclaimed fragrance queen, a skincare enthusiast, or a makeup guru, this rotating acrylic organizer will make your life *way* easier. It’s got eight adjustable layers and multiple compartments for max organization. 

7. Ihuiniya Large Makeup Organizer Box, $139

Measurements: 7″D x 13.3″W x 15.7″H
This 5-compartment organizer comes in a pale pink hue and is the perf multi-purpose display for those who have it all. The multiple compartments help you streamline your makeup, brushes, skincare products, and fragrances. Also how sweet are the two little doors? 

8. FSyueyun 2-Tier Makeup Shelf Organize, $17

Measurements: 9.9”D  X 6.7”W X 11”H
Sometimes simple is best, and that’s exactly what you’ll get in this two-shelf system. The non-fussy design gives you control over what goes where, and the gold and white details feel chic and blend into any bathroom aesthetic. It comes in three other shade colorways as well!

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