Meet Our Muse: The Bollywood Boss Behind Our New Jacqueline Lash

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When we started our lash collaboration journey for our next generation lash collection, choosing inspirational women wasn’t hard – we knew so many incredible women, and Bollywood badass Jacqueline Fernandez was an instant match. Not only is Jacqueline one of Bollywood’s biggest actresses, but she’s also a humanitarian and an absolute sweetheart. Her unique style, elegance, and charm were the ultimate inspo to develop the evolution of the classic lash.

Just like Jacqueline, the lashes we created were inspired by her natural yet glamorous beauty, resulting in soft, sultry volume in a double-stacked classic lash. Here’s everything you need to know about our first incredibly talented Huda Beauty Muse, Jacqueline, and her stunning lash:

Jacqueline on the lashes…

Huda Beauty Jaqueline lashes

“When Huda and I were discussing the type of lash, we wanted something that was Bollywood-ish – glamourous, dreamy, beautiful, and a little bit fantasy –  but also wearable, and she combined the two perfectly,” Jacqueline says. “This design came along, and it was absolutely perfect: They’re long, luscious and feminine, but they’re not heavy or too much. Ever since I tried them on, they just felt right. I don’t know how Huda managed to do that, but she did it.”

huda beauty lash collaboration

Jacqueline on the collaboration…

“I could not believe it when Huda reached out to say she wanted to collaborate – I’ve been following her for the longest time! The first thing I thought was: how did she choose me? She’s global, and she’s Huda Beauty – I never imagined it! We do share the same passions and philosophies, and we both love to have fun and be positive, so for me, it’s the perfect match.”

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“You’ve got to be passionate about what you believe in and what you want to do – I love that Huda is so passionate about what she does – everything is so positive because she’s following her dream and she’s so happy doing that.”

Why Jacqueline’s our Huda Beauty Muse…

Like Huda, since she was a child, Jacqueline was exploring the world: Of Sri Lankan and Malaysian decent, Jacqueline grew up in Bahrain and studied there until high school. Even after studying Mass Media Communications at University in Sydney and moving back home to Sri Lanka to study journalism, Jacqueline never thought she would be an actress –  even though since the age of seven she had always dreamed about it. She told us that she “never pursued acting because it seemed too impossible to dream to pursue.” But, after beginning a modeling career and winning Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2006, Jacqueline told us her journey to Bollywood all started with an opportunity to model in India, which eventually blossomed into acting.

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“I believe you make your own luck, so I was always figuring out ways to get there – my dream seemed too ambitious, but I figured it out along the way. The impossible seems impossible until you make it possible. Everyone starts in the same place, no one is made of anything better than you, and if someone else can do it, then everyone can do it.”

But it’s not just Jacqueline’s passion and determination that we admire, she’s also a strong woman who fights for what she believes in. Jacqueline is beautiful inside and out, and as well as being glamour goals, she’s also actively involved with PETA, and created her own ‘Jacqueline Builds’ campaign with Habitat for Humanity to raise funds for victims of the South Indian Floods in 2016.

Jacqueline’s philosophy…

“I truly believe it’s all in your mind and anyone can do anything. The more you tell yourself you can do it, the more it becomes a reality. People talk themselves down a lot – there’s a reason why people say talk positively, and I truly believe it.”

Are you guys as excited for these lashes as we are? Let us know in the comments below. Find out more about our next generation lash collection in collaboration with our Huda Beauty muses here.