Meet Our Muse: Why Olivia Culpo Is The Beauty Icon Behind Our NEW Lashes


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When it came to picking muses for our new Huda Beauty next generation lash collection, it was easy – we know SO many inspirational, badass women. Olivia Culpo was the perfect fit for a Huda Beauty lash collab: Not only is she one of the most naturally beautiful women we’ve ever met – honestly her Instagram doesn’t do her justice – but she’s so kind, and she’s a fellow beauty junkie!

Olivia is like the ultimate all-American girl next door with a high-fashion edge. So, when we were designing the Olivia lash, it had to personify that, and we’re obsessed with the final look. It’s a really versatile lash; it’s natural yet bold and sexy, just like our modern-day muse. Here’s everything you need to know about the Olivia Lash…

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The Olivia #18 Lash

When we were designing the lash, Olivia wanted something that was really beautiful yet wearable so that it could be worn for every occasion or lash-beginners. So when we created the Olivia #18 Lash, we decided it would be the first lash in our new Shortie lash category, which are crafted with petite length (perfect for hooded eyes and almond shapes) but double stacked for added drama. They’re synthetic lashes with a shorter-strip, making them super easy to apply.

Olivia on the collaboration

“I have been following Huda and her career for some time now, so I was SO excited to partner with her on this lash! She and her sister have built such an amazing brand and they are such lovely people!”

Olivia on the lash

“I spent some time at the Huda Beauty offices in Dubai a few months back when we were designing the lash. I wanted something that was simple and could be worn all the time – day or night! We decided on this lash because it has an understated glam feel to it!”

5 reasons why Olivia Culpo is our Huda Beauty muse:

1. She’s a beauty junkie

In a recent interview, Olivia told InStyle that her biggest splurges are always on beauty products – we feel you girl. Olivia said that she allows herself to spend on beauty without feeling guilty, as she views it as an act of #SelfLove. Honestly, we couldn’t agree more.

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 2. She’s an independent woman

Olivia is all about #GRLPWR. She’s like a poster girl for Beyonce’s Independent Women anthem. Recently she told Instyle “I can’t think of a better ideal version of myself than to be somebody who’s completely financially independent, as opposed to somebody who needs to rely on another person.” Word.

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3. She’s a hustler

Olivia’s a perfect example of a Huda Beauty Overachiever – she’s literally always on the go, hustling hard to achieve her dreams. If she’s not on set filming her E! series Model Squad, she’s designing for her fashion collabs with REVOLVE or Express. Olivia says that among all the crazy, she uses the Pomodoro method (work for 25 minutes, break for five) to stay focused, which we also use here at HB HQ. She told Instyle: “It’s basically a way to calm our minds since we’re all so overstimulated. If your attention span is short like mine, taking those breaks will help.”

4. She owns what makes her unique

When Olivia was in grade school, she was constantly teased for her bold (BEAUTIFUL) brows, saying that the boys laughed at her and said she had a unibrow. She told The List that “There was a time that I felt very self-conscious about them, and then I ended up actually liking them and being able to make them my own unique characteristic.” Dishing out an important message: Never let the haters get you down, and own whatever it is that makes you unique.

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5. She shares our philosophy

Anyone who knows Olivia will tell you how sweet and kind she is. As soon as we met her, we knew we wanted to work with her – she has such a positive energy. Just like us, she’s a family girl at heart: she has two sisters and a brother (and the most adorable nephew we’ve ever seen – those Culpo genes are insane!) that she loves to spend time with. It was clear that we shared the same values – we couldn’t think of a better collab.

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