Melt-Proof Makeup: Your Guide To Looking Flawless In The Sunshine


huda beauty foundation tips and makeup hacks for summer

Summer’s here, and although we’re relishing the chance to lounge around in the sunshine, the humidity and heat are really messing with our makeup – not cool! If like me, you enjoy the cake but don’t want to look cakey, then trust me, living in Dubai has taught me the fine art of melt-proof makeup. The secret is all in the setting, and no, I don’t mean just a setting spray, there’s a technique to it:

Prep your base: Don’t overlook your skincare in the summer; exfoliation is so important. When you’re using a lot of powders, having a clean, smooth canvas is essential as powder particles can cling to any flaky patches and magnify dry skin.

Moisturize: Many people think if there’s the heat they’ll sweat and become oily, this is true, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid moisturizer. Actually, when your skin gets dry, your sebaceous glands produce even more oil to compensate, so stick with an oil-free moisturizer that will balance your skin. I have dry to combination skin, and I use oils, even in the summer and the humidity of Dubai, but I just ensure that I set everything properly.

Prime: Primers will definitely help to keep your face in place – I like the Benefit Porefessional Primer and TooFaced’s Hangover Primer. And though I definitely think primers help to keep your makeup in place, setting your makeup properly is the key to keeping your look on lockdown.

Set, set, and set again: This is the key to staying flawless no matter what the weather throws at you. First things first, invest in a good powder: it’ll save you time, stress, and money in touch-ups. Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder or Translucent Loose Setting Powders are iconic for a reason, they just work, but Kat Von D’s Brightening Powders are my new obsession (read my review)! I think baking in the summer is fundamental for a flawless last-all-day look, and my trick is to bake with different powders in different areas: it’s almost like I’m contouring and color-correcting with translucent powders. I use a micro-fine peachy toned powder under my eyes (where makeup and concealers tend to crease) and on my T-zone – the finer the powder, the less likely it is that it’ll sit in creases and define wrinkles. Finally, I use a golden/yellow toned translucent powder all over, and a darker powder on my forehead and cheeks.

…Then use a setting spray: To top off all your setting, a setting spray will add the finishing touch to hold your makeup in place. My FAVs are Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray and the Kat Von D Lock It Setting Spray.

This setting method just ensures my makeup just doesn’t budge all day – I’m talking 12 hours, completely flawless makeup. I even set my brows, so basically, anywhere that there’s gel or pigment, I dab with powder to set. You can also try the Jamsu makeup setting method, which will keep even the oiliest of skins at bay during seriously hot weather.