My Top 3 Tips for the Perfect Nose Contour!


HB Nose Contour

Hey My Loves! Okay, So true story: I looooove contouring noses!

I actually think it’s my fav part to contour because I love seeing how it literally manipulates the symmetry of a face with just a few techniques. I swear I could spend an entire day contouring different noses, and I’d be the happiest person!! I have a long list of “how-to’s” when it comes to contouring your nose, mainly because it all depends on the person, the shape of their face, and the symmetry between their facial features (yes, it gets very technical!) however I’ve decided to narrow it down and give you my Top 3!

1. Try to layer your contour, starting with a cream contour and then a powder contour. The cream consistency will really help define the area and lines to create perfect symmetry, and the powder contour will help blend everything a little better while adding subtle shadows. If you want a softer look, then only opt for the powder contour.

2. Start your contour from the beginning of your brow bone and work your way downwards. Again, this will help create a better balance in your face and ensure that both sides are equal. Even though you are perhaps only focusing on a very small area of your nose, to camouflage it properly – extend your contour from your brow bone until the bottom of your nose.

3. Blend, blend, blend! There is nothing worse than looking perfect from the front, however, have very noticeable contour lines from the side! My ultimate tip for this is to blend inwards, towards the center of the nose. This will give you a slimmer, pinched-like nose. So keep blending inwards, and once fully blended – apply a little concealer along the center of your nose to finish the look off.

I hope these quick tips helped you guys! Feel free to leave me any comments or suggestions for future posts. Love you Xx