This Concealer Is Our Natural Makeup BFF (+ Our Fave Hacks)


GloWish Bright Light Sheer Concealer

If you haven’t met her already, let us introduce you real quick. Say hello to our new GloWish Bright Light Sheer Concealer, $27. She’s the most natural, brightening concealer you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting, and she’s made from 95% naturally derived ingredients offering up sheer coverage that instantly brightens, smooths, and hydrates. Seriously, she blends into the skin sooooo effortlessly, but unlike some other natural formulas, she’s long-lasting, transfer-proof, and crease-proof.

GloWish Bright Light Sheer Concealer

In short: she’s our new no-makeup makeup bestie, so we thought we’d share some of our go-to Bright Light Sheer Concealer hacks so you can nail natural makeup in seconds. Shout out to all the no-makeup makeup STANS out there!

Hack 1: Always Prep The Skin

When it comes to natural makeup, it’s super important to prep the skin, as a gorgeous glow is the focal point of the lewk. Start by exfoliating your skin to create a smooth canvas for makeup application. Our go-to is the WISHFUL Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub, $39, which combines AHAs, BHAs, and fruit enzymes to melt away dead skin, smooth skin texture, and brighten your glow game. Then, it’s all about layers and layers of hydration. First, hydrate the deepest layers of your skin with a serum, like the WISHFUL Thirst Trap HA3 Peptide Juice, $47, which is formulated with hyaluronic acid, peptides, and niacinamide. Next, lock in all of that delicious moisture with the WISHFUL Honey Whip Peptide Moisturizer, $43. Trust us, this juicy little trio is the ultimate skincare prep for any makeup look, but especially an au-natural vibe.

Hack 2: Use Bright Light Sheer Concealer as Foundcealer


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On days when we’re lusting after a natural complexion but we’re short on time, we literally only use Bright Light Sheer Concealer. It’s our go-to when we’re running errands, as it literally lasts all day.

Post sunscreen application, simply apply the concealer to any areas you have redness or want to lightly concealer, like your undereyes, and blend with a damp makeup sponge. Often when we use the foundcealer technique, we actually use two shades: one that matches our skin tone, which we apply to our cheeks and forehead, and another shade that’s approximately two shades lighter for added brightness under the eyes. Check out the video above to see the hack in action!

Hack 3: Pair Bright Light Sheer Concealer & GloWish MultiDew Skin Tint 

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PSA: our GloWish MultiDew Skin Tint, $37, and the Bright Light Sheer Concealer are a match made in natural makeup heaven. First, apply the MultiDew Skin Tint all over your face, blending it in with your fingers and finishing by bouncing a damp makeup sponge across the skin. This will even out your skin tone with light to medium coverage, and the finish? It has THE most stunning glow and leaves your skin looking so dewy and juicy.

Next, reach for the concealer and apply it to any areas of the face you want to brighten. Apply three dots under the eyes and tap to blend, blur, and brighten. Then apply it to the brow bone and high points of your face for a super natural highlight. It’s the ultimate natural complexion duo that stays glowy all day long.

Hack 4: Don’t be Afraid to Layer for Coverage

Real talk: don’t be afraid to layer this product if you want a lil’ more coverage because it’s so lightweight; the coverage builds beautifully and never looks cakey. So DW, you can still achieve that natural, skin-like finish. Just make sure each layer is blended thoroughly with a damp makeup sponge or by tapping on the formula with your fingertips before you apply the next layer.

We love to use this instead of a full coverage foundation with a little powder for a super natural yet glam look. Check out the tutorial below:

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Hack 5: Mix Bright Light With a Full Coverage Concealer

For those days when your dark circles are peaking harder than usual, DIY your own natural yet full-coverage concealer. Mix together a full-coverage concealer, like the #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Concealer, $31, with Bright Light Sheer concealer, then apply one dot of each under the eye and blend them together. Watch in awe as it still retains that stunning skin-like finish but packs a lil’ extra punch in terms of coverage.

Hack 6: DIY a Sheer Blush

We love ourselves a pigmented blush, but sometimes we just want a sheer wash of color instead of a poppin’ blush lewk. So obviously, we have a hack, and it actually involves mixing a drop of our Bright Lights Sheer Concealer with one drop of our fave liquid concealer. Dab a little of each formula onto the top of your cheeks and blend with your fingers or a damp makeup sponge. It creates this lightweight sheer tint, and it’s low-key gawgeous.

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