Never Have A Self-Tan Fail Again! Here’s What You’ve Been Doing Wrong…


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We’ve all had our Ross moments: you know, when your dreams of becoming a glowing bronzed goddess turn into a streaky tangerine nightmare – it’s a hard situation to forget! The thing is, messing up a tan is easy, but summer is around the corner, and if there’s one thing we’re sure of, we don’t want to be parading around in our patchy tan by the pool. So, for a tan that’ll slay all summer long, we spoke to Huda’s absolute FAV tanning connoisseurs, Guerlain. We got all the insider tips from Guerlain’s Olivier Echaudemaison, Creative Director and MUP creator, and international MUA Alexandra Lynn. Here’s how you get a flawless summer flush:

Prep Like A Pro: “If one thing’s for sure, thorough skin prep is the key to achieving a beautiful tan, whether it’s fake or natural,” explains Alexandra. Start by exfoliating your whole body, focusing on your elbows, knees, and heels.

Avoid Streaks: It’s so simple, just ensure your body is completely dry and oil-free, but do add a little moisturizer to super dry areas like elbows, knees, and heels. ALWAYS apply self-tan with a mitt in circular motions, for your hand’s sake, and to improve the application. Focus on one area at a time, a leg, an arm, or your body, and make sure that area is perfectly even before you move on to the next spot.

If you’re self-tanning your face, the rules change. Prep with an exfoliator, but moisturize before you use self-tan – this helps it apply more smoothly and not develop too dark. Another tip is to wash your face with cold water before using self-tan, which will close your pores and ensure flawless coverage.

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Remedy streaks: If you’ve done a Ross, act fast! MUA Alexandra says: “If you need a quick fix on specific areas then apply toothpaste in a thin layer for 2-3 minutes or gently rub a freshly cut lemon over the area to remove some of the tan.”

Make it last: Now your tan is on point, make sure you keep it that way. Chlorine is a tan killer, so avoid the pool where you can. Moisturize every day, but stick to creams as oils will make your tan fade faster.

Boost a natural tan: Olivier recommends Terracotta Sun Serum: “It’s a tan booster complex which stimulates melanin production and helps you to keep a great suntan for weeks.” Just a few drops mixed with your usual moisturizer or sun cream will define a deeper tan. Or, mix a gradual tanner with your moisturizer for a subtle hint of color to prolong your tan.

Don’t forget your face: One thing so many of us forget when we self-tan is our bodies become much darker than our face. Use a bronzer after foundation to ensure your face, neck and body match up. Huda loves Guerlain’s Terracotta The Original Bronzer, for a natural bronze that you can build beautifully.