This YouTube Video Has A Powerful Message – That Will Probably Make You Cry

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As much as we love social media, we can’t deny that sometimes it does take a toll on our mindset. Constantly scrolling through images of Victoria’s Secret look-a-likes – who always seem to be eating pizza – doesn’t always work wonders for our self-esteem! So, when we saw one of our fave beauty Instagrammers championing body positivity and self-acceptance, we had to share it with you guys.

We’ve been fans of the gorgeous Nabela Noor for a long time (check out why she’s such a girl boss here), so you’ll probably recognize her from our Instagram where she serves up some seriously dope makeup looks. But the video that caught our attention wasn’t one of her talented makeup how-tos, but a social experiment with an important message: The Bright Fight is about loving yourself unconditionally. Spoiler alert – it’s a MAJOR tear jerker. The experiment took Nabela to Venice Beach where they set up a talking mirror. The voice of the mirror was Nabela, who complimented and empowered passers-by with positivity and praise. Once she had their attention, she asked them more personal questions, like what their relationship with the mirror was like. Check it out (and grab some tissues):

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The message being shared is so important, and we love that Nabela has taken it into her hands. We got in touch with her to find out more, and her response was almost as heartwarming as the video itself…

“All I have ever wanted to do with my platform is to somehow make the world a brighter place. When I was approached by AT&T to develop my show, ‘The Bright Fight,’ it was a dream come true in so many ways. Being a plus-sized, Bangladeshi-American Muslim girl as a lead of her own digital show, telling the world that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors? It doesn’t even feel real saying that. But it happened. This show challenges society’s standards head on and asks an important question about beauty – who says you’re not beautiful?” We could not agree more!

“The most rewarding part of this show and the experience was helping women realize their beauty and worth. I’m thankful to have a platform where I can use my voice to help break down the years of brainwashing and conditioning that there is only one specific standard of beauty. Beauty standards don’t just need to be redefined – they need to be reimagined.”

Nabela’s five tips to feel more confident:

To help bring the positivity that Nabela brought to Venice Beach into your life, here are Nabela’s top five tips for feeling more confident.

1. “Own the features society wants you to apologize for… Stretchmarks, scars, acne, your size, hyperpigmentation – whatever “it” is, own it.” Just remember, the things that make you unique are what make you beautiful.

2.”Compliment others… Complimenting others naturally feels great and when you help other people feel beautiful, you’ll feel beautiful too. Uplifting others brings out an exhilarating high that is contagious!” Nabela is totally right, and there’s even science to back this up: One study concluded that the brain reacts in the same way when someone receives cash to when someone receives a compliment.

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If I could feel one feeling forever it would be gratitude.

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3. “Accentuate your features… Rock a sexy bodycon dress and show off your curves or wear a bold red lip to make your imperfectly perfect pout pop. Bring the canvas that is YOU to life!” 

4. “Speak only positive things about your body… No more “Does this make me look fat?” and no more “I wish I looked like…” You are YOU and there’s no one like you. Remember that!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Just think about all the times, where your friends were feeling down, you’d immediately pick them up with words or positivity, so why not do the same for yourself? We know it may feel a little odd but the next time you’re feeling down, try and list the positive things about yourself. The verbal self-encouragement will help break the cycle of negativity. This method of verbal self-praise (speaking to yourself aloud in the third person) is used by Navy Seals and Special Forces to help them overcome difficult times. So be your own cheerleader and remind yourself of how FABULOUS you are!

5.”Confident people are happy people. Happy people are grateful people… Look around you and focus on what you are thankful for. Let gratitude fill you up inside, and you’ll realize that the person in the reflection is an imperfect masterpiece that has a lot to offer the world. <3″ Nabela is right – the practice of gratitude is super important – it’s even been proven to reduce depression and increase happiness, while another study showed it improved your self-esteem. So the next time you’re having your morning tea, list three things you’re thankful for, it can be anything from a great hair day to a good night’s sleep.

Check out the full Bright Fight video (warning, you’ll definitely need tissues):

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