Quick tip for finding the right Foundation shade!


Hey My Loves! So I recently did a video on Foundation Basics and decided to do a quick post which might help you all find the right foundation shade! I know it’s such a tricky thing to do and it’s definitely not something you can do within 5 minutes. It takes patience and loads of swatches! But trust me, all that time you’ve invested is going to be SO worth it when your foundation shade matches your skin tone and your selfies look flawless!

It’s very important to figure out what your undertone is in order to know which shade foundation to go for. First off, pull up your sleeve and look at the veins below your wrists. Your veins (in most cases) will either have a green or blue tone to it. This helps to decide whether you should opt for a foundation which is more golden/yellow, or more beige. My veins are green so I always opt for golden, yellowish toned foundations. My skin color is medium olive so I always feel that golden-yellow tones match my skin best (quick note: these foundations tend to look kinda yellow in the packaging, don’t get put off!). If you have blue veins, then you’re more than likely have a beige undertone and should opt for a cool toned foundation (more white than yellow). Now; if you have both – blue & green, then you’re somewhere in between and should look for a more neutral foundation shade. I always recommend to people not to purchase the foundation right away (unless you’re 100% sure). Rather swatch it, wear if for the day and if you can – apply a bit on the one half of your face and check it out in natural light. This is the best way to see if the color matches your skin tone, if it’s suitable for your skin type and you can also see the coverage & wearability of the product. Hope this quick tip makes foundation shopping easier for you! Xx