The Hair Treatment Beyoncé Uses For Flawless Hair


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For the entirety of Beyoncé’s career, her hair has made headlines… The iconic braid that birthed the greatest hair flick of all time, her curls at Coachella, and most recently, her beaded IVY Park braids that shut down Instagram.

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Anyhow, we digress… Our point is, we want to know what Beyoncé does to her hair, and it turns out, her solution is pretty simple. Beyoncé trusts in her hair colorist Rita Hazan and her Weekly Remedy Treatment that has also nourished the tresses of superstars J.Lo and Mariah Carey. Rita said that whenever she colors hair, she’ll always provide her clients with the Weekly Remedy Treatment For Deep Hydration & Superior Shine, $42, to boost hair health and ensure the color stays in good condition. The treatment is also easy to use on the go as there’s no waiting time and works for straight, curly, coily, and wavy hair. Here’s everything you need to know about the treatment.


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The Treatment

The two-step treatment works to restore and replenish the hair from the inside-out to leave your tresses feeling soft and frizz-free. The first step will lift the hair cuticle so that the oils in the second step can penetrate the hair for maximum impact. The second step seals the cuticle and locks in nutrients for deep hydration. And trust us, you want to seal in these ingredients!

Beyonce hair Source: Rita Hazan

Not only does it contain a potent blend of Mirabelle plum, moringa seed, jojoba, and olive, but it also features rice proteins. Rice proteins are one of the most potent hair remedies as they’re packed with proteins and amino acids that hydrate and restore the hair strand so that it’s less likely to frizz. Plus, it’s a rich source of vitamins including B, C, and E, which can help boost growth while adding shine. There’s even a village in China, Huangluo, known as the land of Rapunzels because it holds the Guinness World Record as the ‘world’s longest hair village.’ And guess what they use? Rice water!

How To Use The Weekly Remedy Treatment

Begin by shampooing the hair as usual, then apply a quarter size amount of STEP 1 from roots to the ends and rinse immediately. Next, apply a quarter-size amount of STEP 2, working it through the hair from roots to end and rinse. There’s no wait time needed and the results will be instant. Rita recommends using this mask once a week for damaged hair and twice for severely damaged hair.

The Reviews

Online at Sephora, one customer wrote “Let me tell you something. This absolutely rescued my hair from being just shaved off.” while another curly hair girl wrote “My hair is thick and curly underneath and this product makes it feel super conditioned but doesn’t flatten my hair, LOVE” as you can probably tell, it’s the

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