Are Mini Beauty Fridges A Waste Of Money? The Experts Weigh In...


Mini skincare fridges have become the new #topshelfies when it comes to skincare product posts filling up your feed. You’ve probably seen beauty editors casually storing their jade rollers and sheet masks in their tiny office coolers, for a midday moisture refresh (or lymphatic drainage sesh). And of course, influencers stocking their candy-colored iceboxes with serums, mists, and other tiny skincare treasures that garner all the likes. But what’s the #realtalk on this new trend? Are cooler temps even good for your products? We polled a few derms to find out.

Why You Need A Mini Beauty Fridge

“Most products are designed and tested to be stored in a cool dry place, but the products that are best kept in a cold environment are combination products, including prescription products that combine a topical antibiotic (like clindamycin or erythromycin) and benzoyl peroxide,” says Dr. Doris Day, celebrity dermatologist and author of the book Beyond Beautiful. “This will help the products last longer.” Other skincare ingredients that can benefit from a colder temp when applied to the skin? Antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, and Retinol, according to Day.

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Clearly, any beauty-loving babe in the know has stashed a de-puffing eye serum or stick in the fridge to banish the dreaded am bags, but if you feel a bit weird reaching for your skincare products next to last night’s leftovers, we hear you. That’s where these genius skincare-specific storage units come into play. Our obsession deserves its own home, after all!

Dr. Howard Sobel, NYC-based cosmetic dermatologic surgeon, and director of Sobel Skin also points out that natural formulas (or anything with a relatively short shelf life) can benefit from being kept in colder temperatures. “Refrigerating serums to help with inflamed acne, and aloe-based products for a refreshing and soothing feel are also recommended. The lower temperature does add a nice calming effect to certain products such as face masks, moisturizers, and creams, which are especially helpful when treating irritated or reactive skin,” he adds.

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The only things that should ideally remain out of the fridge? Makeup, oils, and balms as these can either separate or turn into solids, says Sobel. “It’s also important to keep in mind that exposing products to fluctuating temperatures can potentially lead to instability of the formula and make it ineffective.” AKA what can be refrigerated should stay in there and what shouldn’t (see above 👆) should be left out. Pivoting your skincare products between hot and cold temps all the time isn’t good for them – or your skin. Shop a few of our skincare mini-fridge faves below!

Our Fave Mini Beauty Fridges

Cooluli Mini Beauty Refrigerator, $60

Cooluli Mini Beauty Refrigerator

Urban Outfitter’s fridge comes in five cute colors (including a spotted version) and won’t put a major dent in your wallet. Perfect for cooling your crystal rollers, serums, and creams and keeping eye patches and masks slightly chilled for hungover AF mornings. It has an interior door section, along with one shelf, and it’s super compact so it won’t take up a ton of space.

Teami Blends Skincare Beauty Fridge, $120

Teami Blends Skincare Beauty Fridge

Teami is the cult favorite amongst the beauty blogger/influencer set, but their well-designed fridges are a bit of a splurge. This chic beauty fridge comes in a luxe marble finish and can hold up to 10 liters of liquids and other skincare must-haves though, so it’s kinda #goals. It also has a door pocket for masks, gua sha tools, and other skinny tubes of stuff that just feel better cold on the face. Multiple shelves let you stack jars of beauty prods and having one of these is basically like having a small spa in your bedroom or bathroom.

The Beauty Spy Cool Skin Mini Fridge, $60

The Beauty Spy Cool Skin Mini Fridge

Also on the budget-friendly spectrum is this HSN exclusive that has retro vibes and an icy interior. With just one shelf, it easily stores your taller vials and bottles on the bottom and other shorter skincare necessities on the top. Another perk? It comes with too-cute “Beauty Spy” stickers you can apply all over the front like this is your locker and you’re back in high school. Take that, #minifridgeshelfie ‘grams. And at four pounds you can obvs take this portable fridge with you jet-setting, thanks to a convenient handle. Because all hotel rooms would be that much better if they had mini-fridges stocked with grab-and-go mists for the pool, right?

FaceTory Fridge, $99

FaceTory Fridge

Repeat after us: need, not want. Available in coral or mint, FaceTory’s skincare fridge cools sheet masks and other skincare products – and prolongs product shelf life at the same time – at 41-48 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the lowest it goes is 32°F. Perfect for on top of a makeup caddy, desk, or vanity, it’s a winner. As evidenced by the 4.7-star reviews.

Would you guys buy a beauty mini-fridge? Let us know in the comments below.