The Broke Beauty Guide To Gifting Your Squad For Under $10


best gift ideas for your girl squad

You and your squad are inseparable; you spend your weekends getting turnt and creating mischief, and your weekdays doing sleepovers and eating dinner around town. Your gang is the definition of #squadgoals, but there’s just one problem, when your squad is as big as Taylor Swift’s and the holidays roll around, you’re wondering how your bank account can please everyone. The season of feasting is here, and we spend most of our money on cute beauty advent calendars, and festive drinks and snacks, so getting great gifts for your squad seems increasingly difficult. Fortunately for you, we have the best ideas for gifting your gang that you won’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on.

Make a mini snack stocking

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 5.26.16 PM

We all love chocolate, so what more would your besties want for Christmas?! Buy cute pairs of festive socks or stockings, divide them up, and stuff them with festive treats they love. If you’re really into DIY, wrap old jam jars or coffee jars in Christmas paper and fill it with candy and other little goodies you know they’ll love.

Break up a multi-set

The good thing about multi-sets is you can get loads of gorgeous products at amazing prices. If you’re all obsessed with that particular liquid lipstick or lip gloss, buy the multi-pack, and finally, you and your friends can stop fighting over the one you all share. Then there’s nothing cuter than matching jewelry with your friends; we love the Aldo multi-pack rings, which you can easily divide between your besties. Even dividing up a hand cream set or skincare collection means you can give a nice gift to each of your besties.

Get some slippers

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It’s winter, everyone’s feet get cold, and who doesn’t love a pair of slippers! Hit up your fav budget store and buy a pair for each of your friends that you know they’ll love.

Hit up Typo

It’s one of those stores where you can find something perfect for any of your friends without having to cut back on your daily spending. We love Typo’s quirky gifts and little notebooks, and to make it more personal, you can even write little messages on every page to surprise your friends.

Make a memorable BFF collage

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 11.22.53 AM

Be extra and make your besties something super personal in the form of a festive photo collage:

1) Find a cardboard box and cut it into pieces of A5 or A4 – as many as you need for each of your BFFs.
2) Cover each piece of card in festive wrapping paper.
3) Get together your ultimate squad pics and print them out, as well as any funny insider jokes you know they’ll appreciate (you can make use of your work printer).
4) Paste your fav pics of you and your squad onto your beautifully wrapped card, add in any other mementos, and you can always sprinkle some glitter on if you have any.

*All imagery courtesy of Pinterest.