The Glass Wave Is The Next Big Celeb Trend - Here's How To Do It


glass wave Source: Instagram @andreeacristina and @chrisappleton

If you’re always wearing the latest trends, or maybe you’d just do anything to rock the same looks as J-Lo and Kim K, then you’ve come to the right place. Chris Appleton, aka the hair stylist to know and the creator of Kim K’s most iconic looks, is here to show you the hottest new trend that’s about to blow up bigger than his glass hair trend. Intrigued? Think super sleek glass hair, but instead of poker straight, it’s a glass wave – the ultimate #DreamWave!

Taking inspiration from his muse, the iconic Veronica Lake, Chris has reinvented the retro style with new product technologies to create a high gloss, futuristic finish. Chris told us “What makes the look very cool and modern, is the immaculate shine” – and we couldn’t agree more! Here’s how he creates the look on the gorgeous Andreea Cristina:

How to recreate Chris Appleton’s Glass Wave:

STEP 1: Start with damp hair and saturate thoroughly with Dream Coat, $28, to make sure each hair strand gets the benefit of a high gloss finish. Chris told us “Dream Coat is the fundamental step to achieving a whole new level of expensive looking styles due to its high-shine finish. It’s light as water and feels like nothing on the hair, and completely transforms the texture. What’s better – it literally locks in and humidity-proofs every style.”

STEP 2: Create a side part. Chris’ tip is to brush your hair back from your face, then push it forward slowly to reveal your most natural part.

STEP 3: Blow dry Dream Coat into the hair, section by section, using a little tension and pointing the nozzle of the dryer down. You’ll see a dramatic transformation in the hair texture just by blow drying it.

STEP 4: When your hair is dry, start curling the hair being careful to always curl in the same direction. Start by misting each section with Color Wow Cult Favorite hairspray, $24, for extra hold, and to help protect against heat. If hair curling is something you’ve always struggled with, then check out the Beachwaver, $200, which makes consistent curls super easy to achieve by automatically rolling the hair for you. Go all around the head, creating curls in the same direction.

STEP 5: Brush out the curls to create waves. Chris recommends using a flexible hairspray and spraying it directly onto the brush, which dilutes the spray and helps to evenly distribute it throughout the hair. Chris told us he loves “Color Wow’s Cult Favorite Hairspray, because it won’t dull color or leave any residue, which is essential when you’re trying to create immaculately shiny waves.” Instead of spraying the hair directly, saturate the brush and start brushing the curls out. Don’t worry if it starts to gather volume, just keep spraying and brushing. As the hair starts to fall together, you’ll see the S-waves take shape.

Chris’ Pro Tip: “Brush the hair away from the face until waves start to form, then pull it forward, which gives it that really romantic look.” If you want, you can put clips into the wave indentations as you work, to help hold and set the hair into place.

STEP 6: Create a sleek finish by using your curling tong like a brush over the top of your hair, to lightly “iron” away any awkward flyaways.

This look is divine on long and mid-length hair, and if you like a more messy style, run your fingers through your hair afterward to break up some of the curls. We have to say, the hairspray on a brush is a seriously life-changing hack!

US Residents Glass Wave Giveaway!

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UPDATE: 16/10/2018 – Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway, and congratulations to the winner, Marline Amador.

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*This post is not sponsored, we’re just obsessed with this look and Chris Appleton’s styling skills. Let us know if you’re going to try the glass wave out in the comments below!