BRB Mascara, Busy With The Plastic Boy's New $13 Fluttery Lashes



No hate to our beloved collection of mascara tubes, but some occasions simply call for the big guns – fluttery, faux lashes. And no one can tempt us more than the king of sky-high lashes, Gary Thompson, AKA The Plastic Boy. He’s one of our all-time fave beauty influencers, and so when he recently added a third set of falsies to his lash collaboration with Eylure, we had to check them out. Trust us when we say these lashes are so. Damn. Fierce. Meet the Eylure Lash Squad Plastic Boy Purrr, $13 – the lash-set that’s ’bout to become your makeup staple for full glam moments.

Eylure-Lash-Squad-Plastic-Boy-PurrrSource: Eylure

What it is: A vegan faux mink lash-set that delivers 3D volume in seconds with handcrafted criss-cross fibers.

How to use: Trim the outer edge of the lashes to get the perfect fit for your eyes, then gently wiggle the lash band to soften for easier application. Hold with a pair of tweezers and apply a thin, even layer of glue onto the band, allowing it to dry for about 30 seconds. Place the lashes close to your lash line and push the inner and outer corners down, gently pinching your natural and false lashes in place for a natural finish. If you’re still having some trouble, we’ve doubled down on every step here.

What we love: If drama is your number one goal, the Eylure Lash Squad Plastic Boy Purrr, $13, should be your BFF. The delicately angled style provides spectacular length and fullness for an immediate baddie effect. Handmade to perfection, the falsies are bound with a flexible black band that can be trimmed to suit all eye shapes. The rich black band also creates a black eyeliner effect that makes a classic smokey eye or full glam moment totally effortless.

This $13 set is quite the bargain too – every pack you shop (we bet it won’t be one) can be reused up to five times and comes with latex-free lash glue. This keeps your lashes locked and in place for up to 18 hours – no tweezer touch-ups here, boo.

If you’re as obsessed as we are, you’ll definitely love the entire Eylure Lash Squad Plastic Boy collection – choose style Snatched, $8, if you like long and wispy lashes that reach the heavens. Alternatively, style Bad & Boujee, $10, is a voluminous set that instantly draws attention to your eyes.

New to the falsie-family? Not to worry, here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right lashes for your beautiful eye shape.

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