These Drugstore Makeup Brushes Are Actually The G.O.A.T.!


real techniques

We’re firm believers that when it comes to makeup, you don’t have to spend a fortune to beat your face like a pro. There are tons of amazing drugstore makeup products, and just because they don’t cost tons doesn’t mean they don’t perform as well – sometimes they actually perform better than luxury makeup brands.

One brand we have always found to perform above and beyond, is drugstore makeup brush brand Real Techniques. Not only do their synthetic makeup brushes perform just as well as many luxury makeup brushes, but they also look super cute and last a really long time. Without calling out any particular brands, we’ve used so many expensive brushes that even after carefully washing them, they’ve just never looked (or worked) the same way again!

We also love that Real Techniques not only creates brushes for $10 and under, they also make the most amazing bundles of eye and face brushes, so you can get even better deals. Here are some of our all-time fave brushes and sets from Real Techniques – we’re obsessed with the new metallic pink, purple, and rose gold packaging!

The Instapop Eye Duo Set, $10

The Instapop Eye Duo Set

This is our go-to eyeshadow set, and proof that you don’t need 10 brushes to do one makeup look – trust us, you don’t! It has one medium-sized, semi-dense brush that is great for full lid coverage and buffing and blending shadows, while the smaller, dense brush is great for packing on shadows, shimmers, and precise application.

Everyday Essentials Set, $20

Working out at $4 per piece, this set is such good value and has the perfect mix of brushes if you’re new to makeup or need a restock. It includes the RT 400 Blush Brush, which is our go-to for using with blush and bronzer, and the RT 200 Expert Face Brush, which creates the most amazing base with liquid and cream foundations. The 402 Setting Brush is a small fluffy brush that gives precise application and is ideal for dusting away baking powder, applying highlighter, and applying powder to the T-zone. Finally, the 300 Deluxe Crease brush is a great all-rounder that works well for applying and blending powder eyeshadows.

real techniques

The set also includes our absolute fave makeup sponge, the Miracle Complexion Sponge, which blurs and blends foundation to airbrushed perfection when damp. It’s also great for applying loose setting powder to bake your under eyes.

Blush Brush, $9

real techniques

These soft, flexy bristles pick up and distribute powders easily. We love to use it to dust bronzer on our forehead and cheekbones for a sexy bronzed look. It’s also great for dusting on powder and, of course, sweeping blush on cheekbones.

The Instapop Collection:

real techniques

These brushes are super unique and have tapered bristles that give concentrated application of powders, so there’s no repetetive back and forth to apply contour and powders. We love to use the Instapop Face Brush for contouring cheekbones by pressing the brush underneath cheekbones in a stippling motion, and the Instapop Blush brush works to give the most popping highlighter.

Have you guys tried these brushes before? We still have some of ours from years ago!