TikTok On Trial: Is This Wave-Giving Blow Dry Hack Pure Genius?


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Another day, another TikTok hack… But we’re not complaining about the latest twist (pun intended) that’s been making waves (yet again, pun intended) in the #HairTok community. Not only does this genius hack achieve effortless waves using *just* a blow dryer, but it’s ridiculously easy to master, and we bet you can do it in five minutes flat – yup, even if you’re a beginner. Naturally, we had to put it to the test to see if it’s as genius as TikTok is claiming…

The Viral TikTok Hack

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The hack: TikToker and Florida-based hairstylist @yazblends revolutionized the hair game with a section-twist technique that perfects a salon-worthy blow-dry in minutes.

The hype: The twisting trick is in the limelight with over 8.7M (and counting) views because it uses just your regular hairdryer to create results similar to the Dyson Airwrap Styler, $599, while cutting your blow-dry schedule in half.

How to get the look: “Split your [roughly 50-80% dry] hair into two sections and twist away from your face,” says Yasmina. She runs the hot air from her Turbo Power 324, $129, over both the twisted sections and lets it rest for about one to two minutes as the heat works its curling magic. She lets the curls sit for a few minutes before untwisting each section. She then runs her fingers through the hair to reveal effortlessly glamorous waves.

She also recommends going over your curls (while still twisted) with the coolest setting on your blow dryer to seal your newly defined locks in place. This will ensure they sit tight through your meetings and remain sleek and styled.

P.S. Since we’re styling with heat, be sure to protect your strands from long-term damage with a good heat protectant like the Kérastase Resistance Heat Protecting Leave In Treatment, $42, before plugging in your blow dryer.

What we liked: Besides being the easiest way to give yourself a salon-worthy blow-dry, this trick works wonders for straight-to-wavy hair types with fine to medium-textured strands. The only catch is that the hack works best on hair that has some type of layers. Whether you’ve got short or long layers framing your face, you’d best bookmark this hack for #SelfieSunday.

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The catch: This hack won’t work as well for hairstyles with one-length cuts – yes, bobs included. Yasmine says that the technique needs layers to create voluminous bounce.

To ensure your curls last longer, she also recommends spritzing a light-hold hairspray before twisting your strands into sections and after blow-drying with heat. Follow that with a final seal-in with a medium-hold hairspray to keep the curls from falling flat during the day.

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Our Final Verdict

This technique is a sure-fire way to hack a hair appointment in minutes if you’re on a budget. However, it’s not ideal for all hairstyles as you kinda need layers to pull it off properly – still a super cool hack, though!

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