TikTok On Trial: Testing The $3 Lip Gloss Going Viral



Lip gloss has had a major revival over the past year thanks to the world’s obsession with Y2k beauty, so it was only a matter of time ‘til we saw another gloss go viral. In this case, it’s the Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss, $3, that’s praised by fans for its wet look finish and ground-breaking price point – it’s just $3, which is WILD. So as per, we had to try the formula so we could weigh in on the matter. Here’s our honest review:

The hype: So far, this $3 lipgloss has 2.4 million views on TikTok. There are countless videos positively reviewing the gloss, loving it for its finish, non-sticky formula, color range, and of course, budget-friendly price tag.

What it is: A super smooth gloss formula with a wet-look finish. The gloss comes in a slender tube with a flocked applicator, which allows the formula to glide onto your lips with precision for easy application, even when you’re on the go. The vegan and cruelty-free gloss is available in 19 high-reflective shades from berry to bubble gum pink.

What it does: In short: it makes your lips look juicy AF. The glass-like reflection gives the illusion of a fuller lip for a truly irresistible pout.

What we liked: As soon as we applied this gloss formula, we were seriously impressed. It glided onto our lips easily and instantly created a super glossy, glass finish. It also layered well, so you can take it from a high-shine gloss to an almost dripping-wet vibe. With this level of gloss, we thought it may feel sticky or tacky but it actually felt comfortable, lightweight, and smooth. Plus, it didn’t sink into any fine lines. It wore well on our lips and remained glossy for approx. two hours, and then we reapplied (post-lunch).

We also tried the shade “Friends of Glamour,” a bubblegum pink hue. The pigment was impressive, and it definitely made our lips look fuller. There was a slightly glittery finish, but overall we liked it and even received a few compliments around the office (they were shook when we told them the price tag). We’d definitely love to try a few more shades.

For a fuller finish, we lined our lips with our Huda Beauty Lip Contour 2.0, $19, in a nude shade to add definition, and then layered the gloss on top. The gloss wore well and didn’t smudge or move the liner – another reason why we’re obsessed.

What we didn’t like: While gloss formulas aren’t known to be long-lasting, we’d love it if this formula held up longer. There was also a light scent, which may turn you off.

Our final verdict: We’ll be real… we’re with TikTok on this one. We like the Essence Shine Shine Shine Lip Gloss, $3, and will continue to buy it and stash it everywhere, from our desk to our purse. Since it’s just $3, it won’t break the bank!

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