We Tried The Rolls Royce Of Rollers – Madonna Is A Genius!


Madonna MDNA Beauty Roller

When Madonna’s team reached out to us about trying their new MDNA SKIN Beauty Roller, I was SO psyched! Not only did we get to skype with the Queen herself and have her tell us everything about the revolutionary face roller, but it uses some insane technology that I’ve never seen in any other face roller – and I’ve tried a lot! What I love about MDNA SKIN as a brand, (not only that it’s driven by the completely iconic Madonna) is that it combines cutting-edge Japanese technology with the beauty benefits of the famous Montecatini Spa – and their newest creation is their most exciting so far.

mdna skin beauty roller

Update: In my review a year ago, I said that I would love to see a smaller version of the MDNA SKIN Beauty Roller, as I love it so much I wanted to take it everywhere with me. A year on, and I’m super psyched to have received the new Beauty Roller For Eyes, $150, which is a smaller version. The new roller is made with the same amazing technology and feels a lot lighter, and I love that you can use this around the eyes, as the first roller was too large for this area. Despite the Beauty Roller For Eyes being designed for the eye area, it still works well around the jawline and cheeks to help lift and contour this area, and the new size is perfect for traveling with.

To add to the collection, MDNA Skin has also added an Eye Mask, $50 for four pairs, a super hydrating, de-puffing and brightening mask packed with hyaluronic acid, a triple marine complex, and mineral-rich Montecatini Thermal Water. The masks feel super cooling on the eyes and are the perfect pre-makeup prep.

See my full review of the MDNA Skin Beauty Roller below.

My sister, Mona, had already started using the MDNA SKIN Beauty Roller a week before we skyped with Madonna, and she had been getting compliments on her jawline all week – which is pretty insane. So, as well as testing the MDNA roller out with Madonna (it’s insanely relaxing, btw) I wanted to give myself a week to really test out the Beauty Roller before I reviewed it for you guys. Here’s what I thought:

What it is: A beauty roller designed to lift and contour the face by grabbing the muscles under your skin and improving circulation and firmness. Each ergonomically designed, high-density carbon ball harnesses Ultra-Infrared Energy that creates heat within your muscles to visibly energize, lift, firm, boost hydration, and retexturize fine lines and wrinkles. If you don’t believe that, you can literally watch it melt ice here.

MDNA Beauty Roller

What it does: Not only does the motion of the balls gliding along the contours of your face help to boost lymphatic drainage (depuffing the face and speeding up the removal of toxins from underneath the skin), but the grooves in each carbon ball help to grip the muscle to offer intense contouring. The heat created by the Ultra-Infrared carbon also enhances the absorption of skin products.

Where you can use it: You can use the beauty roller on your jawline, cheeks, neck, forehead – as well as your waist, hips, and thighs – to help enhance the look of your skin’s tone and texture. To increase or decrease pressure, just lower or raise the end of the handle.

Check out the highlights from our Skype call with Madonna, and her tips and reasons for creating the Beauty Roller:

What we liked: If there’s one thing I take seriously, it’s contouring, which is why over the last few years I’ve been big into using facial massage tools to tighten and contour. The MDNA SKIN Beauty Roller is by far, THE MOST effective and easy to use face roller I’ve ever tried. While jade rollers are great for depuffing, and I love gua shas for lymphatic drainage and contouring, I have never seen such a big difference as I did with this. I think the main difference with the MDNA SKIN Beauty Roller, is unlike other similarly shaped facial rollers, the balls are soft and have ridges in that grip the muscles and give them a proper workout.

I love that using this is really easy and quick to do – Madonna told us you only need to use it a few times a week, but honestly, I’ve been doing this every day because it feels sooo therapeutic. I’ve definitely noticed my face feels lifted and looks more chiseled, but I also feel like my face is more relaxed, and there’s just generally less tension in my neck and shoulder – it feels amazing when it’s rolled along the neck and tops of the shoulders.

How to ‘Roll Like a Queen’:

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What we didn’t like: I wish it wasn’t quite so big as I literally want to take this with me everywhere. The good news is Madonna told me she’s already working on a travel-friendly version!

The verdict: The only other device that has made such a noticeable difference to my facial contours is the Ziip Beauty Nano Current Device, but that uses nano currents and is twice the price and much fussier to use than this. I love that you can use the Beauty Roller any time, anywhere, and it’s SO easy to use. And although this may seem like a pricey tool (it’s $200), it’s a worthwhile investment – unlike an expensive face cream, you can use it forever. The other thing is, the more you look after your facial muscles, the less you need to spend on treatments, facials, and filler! This is definitely my new go-to beauty tool, and I’m also really excited to see how this works on the cellulite on the back of my legs as well.

Shop the MDNA SKIN Beauty Roller, $200, here.

MDNA SKIN Skincare: I also tried Madonna’s new hydrating Rose Mist, $120, which not only smells divine but feels incredibly refreshing as well.

MDNA skincare

It’s formulated with mineral-rich healing water from thermal water springs in Montecatini, Italy, which is infused with skin-replenishing Damask roses, energizing ribose, and antioxidant-rich spirulina. The mist is really fine, so it works beautifully for a midday refresh while you’re wearing makeup, and I also like to mist my face with it before I apply my serum and moisturizer.

And just because skyping with Madonna made me crave listening to her, treat your ears to this iconic song! Let us know if you plan to try this in the comments below.