Why Everyone Is Getting Post-Lockdown Surgery Right Now

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Is it just us or does it feel as though everyone is getting post-lockdown surgical treatments? Despite the fact that we’re staying home and embracing the “au natural” with our makeup game, ever since July 2020 we’ve noticed a gradual increase in our friends getting ‘bits done.’ So, we decided it was time to consult the experts and find out why! We spoke with NYC Based Plastic and Hair Surgeon, Dr. Gary Linkov, MD, and Dr. Lily Talakoub of McLean Dermatology and Skincare Center. It turns out we were totally right, and there’s been a major boom in the cosmetic surgery world. Here’s the full DL, plus some helpful advice if you’re considering a little something-something.

But First…

First and foremost, we just want to say that making the decision to get plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments is not one that should be made lightly. It’s a big decision, one that should be made for you and you only. Try not to let the pressure of social media influence you and remember you’re beautiful exactly as you are! With that said, if you want to get plastic surgery and feel that it’ll make you feel happy or more confident, then we completely support you.

Dr. Linkov adds that you should also take time when choosing your aesthetician. He warns, “With social media marketing being so rampant, it’s now more important than ever for patients to properly vet their surgeons and not simply pick the person with the greatest number of followers.”

Why Cosmetic Surgery Is Having a Resurgence

According to Dr. Linkov and Dr. Talakoub, there are a ton of factors that have led to the current plastic surgery boom. One of the main factors that Dr. Linkov and Dr. Talakoub agree on is the fact that patients are able “to recover in the privacy of one’s home without taking much time off from work,” says Dr. Linkov. Dr. Talakoub adds that “Bruising, swelling, and peeling can be covered with masks and work from home calls without video.”

Another key contributing factor is… Money! For those who didn’t lose their jobs during the pandemic, there’s a lot more disposable income due to the fact that most have been unable to travel or even dine out for over a year.

Finally, plastic surgeons are seeing that there’s an increased self-awareness now that many people are spending so much time on Zoom meetings. As we’re now video conferencing around the clock, Dr. Linkov says, “this has led to people feeling insecure about their appearance.” Dr. Talakoub shares the same sentiment, “We have had people who never wanted to get fillers and Botox coming in and saying they can’t stand the way they look on Zoom. They see fine lines, sagging neck skin, and want to look refreshed.” If you want to freshen up your Zoom look, check out our 10-minute Zoom makeup tutorial – it saves us on the regular.

Which Procedures are Most Popular

Nurse-Jamie-Lip-ThreadsSource: Nurse Jamie

According to Dr. Talakoub, she’s experienced an increase in the number of people asking for neck treatments, once again, because of Zoom. She explains “Zoom has accentuated clients double chins and sagging neck skin, so both men and women are coming in for more neck treatments. In addition, having a mask can cover post-procedure bruising and swelling.” If you’re currently experiencing neck sagging (totally normal, btw!!), check out 7 ways to prevent and control it.

In comparison, Dr. Linkov says “In my practice, it has been hair transplants, lip lifts, and submental [chin] liposuction. Some of my colleagues have seen a boom in liposuction and rhinoplasty for example.”

How WFH Has Affected Our Faces

As if the aftermath of 2020 couldn’t get any worse, our new WFH lifestyle has resulted in what Dr. Lily Talakoub refers to as the ‘Zoom frown,’ with the “eleven” lines being made even more prominent. She explains, “Focusing on the screen all day accentuates these lines. Botox is amazing at both treating and preventing these lines from coming back. It’s an easy in-office injection that we do every three months. No downtime and very little redness or bruising risk.”

Dr. Talakoub also reveals that brown spots from blue light emission from computer screens has also increased. Therefore, she says, “We have been doing more lasers to remove pigmentation, which is easier because the redness and swelling can be tolerated better when working from home.” To prevent dark spots, she insists you must, “Wear sunscreen in front of computer screens.” For more tips on dark spots, check out our derm’s guide.

The New Covid Restrictions

If you’re considering a post-lock down treatment but are hesitant due to the pandemic, don’t worry as there are plenty of new restrictions and procedures in place for your safety.

Dr. Talakoub says, “We have strict sterilization procedures, we split our office into three sections with three different waiting rooms, temperature monitoring, we use masks and shields, and now our office staff are completely vaccinated, which is a huge benefit.”

Dr. Linkov says that, “All of my initial visits are now virtual, so the number in total has gone up but overall fewer in-office. We are doing more surgeries now, but every patient must test negative for COVID-19 prior to surgery, even if they received the vaccine.”

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