Why Your Faithful Skincare Regime Is Failing To Come Through


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If your latest skin care product is failing to give you the glowy skin of every beauty ad you’ve ever seen, then don’t worry, we know the reason, and we have a solution. It seems that no matter how reliable a product claims to be, when you get to the three-month mark, the miracle that once took hold of your skin is slowly vanishing. At this point, we decide the product isn’t as good as we previously believed and instantly regret telling all our besties, colleagues, and anyone who will listen, that this new product is THE bomb.

There’s such a thing as a 3-month ‘ick’ – and it doesn’t just relate to the people you’re dating – it basically means that after your new moisturizer starts to change your life, it will eventually plateau. When you start to see improvements, your faith in the product increases. By week 12, you’re expecting to be even more impressed, but this is actually the stage when the effects of your favorite cream will begin to diminish as your skin builds up a resistance to the ingredient. Now before you get upset, this won’t be the case with every single product you love – thank god! This is mainly regarding products you’re using that include superactive ingredients, like retinol.

The fact is you need to switch up your skincare routine regularly – like interval training for your skin. Now, as the seasons are changing, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your skincare routine and see what you need to change with the cooler weather. It’s actually easy: if you’re using a retinol cream (find out why you probably should be here), every few months swap it with another of your fav ingredients, maybe an AHA or a hydrating serum. Try two sets of products that have different primary active ingredients, which you can alternate every few months, that way your skin will get the most out of each ingredient, and you’ll get that dewy glow all year round. You don’t need to throw away your products, just rotate them!

Here’re a few other tips to make sure your products are packing as much punch as they were at week six:

  • Keep your eyes creams in the fridge. Keeping them in a chilled environment will immediately soothe puffiness and dark circles when you use them.
  • Some celebrities, including Beyoncé, have been known to use their eye creams all over their face. As it’s made for the most sensitive skin, it’s packed with potent nourishing and hydrating qualities. No wonder she wakes up that flawless!
  • This may sound simple, but this easy step can make a big difference: make sure you wash your face with warm water before you apply your creams. When you raise the temperature of the skin, it creates space in-between your pores allowing for better absorption.