You Won’t Believe What TikTokers Use To Beat Dandruff & Greasy Locks


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Run to your kitchen cabinets and raise your hands if you have a tin of baking soda (go on, we’ll wait). Now sit down because TikTok just discovered this kitchen ingredient can multitask as a freakin’ scalp-detoxifier! We can confirm, having been fans of this hack for years, that it does work! According to users, it’s a fabulous DIY-trick that soaks off those itty bits of grime, dead skin, and build-up on your scalp – yup, the nasties behind your hair woes. No more teasing, let’s see it:

The Viral Hack

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The hack: The two-step concoction uses baking powder and water for a thorough scalp detox that minimizes dandruff and hair buildup.

The hype: The “baking soda shampoo” is exceptionally easy to create at home, which is why it’s gained over 111K likes and we expect more on the way.

How to make it: Mix one part of baking soda with three parts of water and apply generously to wet hair, from root to tip – feel free to add or minimize the amount you use based on whether your hair’s long or short. Let it sit for a minute and rinse off. Then follow with shampoo and conditioner for super shiny hair that FEELS clean.

What we liked: It’s smooth sailing once you find that stashed-away tin of baking soda. In addition to checking off the “budget-friendly” requirement, this hack doesn’t need four hours for transformative results – in fact, you only need a minute. It’s a quick task that doesn’t require much effort, so you can have your fave podcast playing as you allow the baking soda to get to work. Not to mention, it quickly gets rid of the heavy, greasy feeling that follows after a weekend of dry shampoo-ing; been there, done that.

What we didn’t: BRB, putting our science hats on. So your scalp has a pH level of 5.5, but baking soda has a pH level of 9, which is more on the acidic spectrum. So, even though this is a wash-off – making it much less harsh – we recommend using it bi-weekly or as a monthly treatment to ensure you don’t disrupt your hair’s pH levels, over-clarify, and strip your scalp of its natural oils.

Our final thoughts: This hack is super easy, combats grease, and is budget-friendly. It literally ticks every box. Just be sure not to go overboard with it.

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