Your Ultimate Easy Bake Shade Matching Guide


easy bake shade guide

Hy my loves, I wanted to share a quick shade guide with you to make it extra easy for you to find your Easy Bake Loose Setting Powder shade. We created nine powders to complement every skin tone and balance different undertones to give you the most flawless, airbrushed finish. I love these powders because they make your skin feel so soft and silky, and your face literally looks like it’s filtered IRL. Each powder is packed with ultra-refined pigments that work to subtly color correct and highlight different contours of the face, leaving a translucent veil of color on your skin.

There are sooo many different ways you can use Easy Bake – it’s totally up to you how much you want to bake! On a light day, you can use the powder to set your foundation by applying a thin layer of product to perfect your base. For days when flawless, long-lasting makeup is essential, I recommend baking under your eyes, and if you’re extra like me, you can bake your smile lines, forehead, and chin, too, to keep shine in check throughout the day! Because Easy Bake has such a light and silky texture that blends seamlessly into the skin, it never looks heavy or cakey; it just has a gorgeous, luminous sheen. Check out our full guide to baking like a pro.

I like to use Blondie to set my makeup, which gives me a super bright finish and looks AMAZING on camera! The great thing is these add such a subtle, color-correcting veil, and they blend easily with lots of different skin tones, so you’ll actually be able to find a couple of shades that work for you. Here’s the DL on all the shades, so you can find your perfect match:

easy bake shades

Think of baking your under-eyes as the best way to conceal and hide any fine lines or under-eye discoloration! You can choose different baking shades for your complexion depending on whether you prefer a bright under-eye or whether you simply want to neutralize any discoloration. Here’s how to choose:

Brighten: A brightening baking powder will cancel out darkness and intensely brighten your under-eye area. A brightening shade is perfect for defining your contour or just making it look like you had 10 hours of sleep – it’s typically 2-3 shades paler than your skin tone.

Neutralize: A neutralizing baking powder will have undertones that are the opposite to your under-eye color, so it will brighten the area by canceling out unflattering undertones. A neutralizing shade will give you a more subtle look and is typically a similar shade or one shade paler than your skin.

To make finding your shade as easy as possible, we’ve put together an easy shade reference guide. We spent so much time ensuring our #FauxFilter Foundation would work for different skin tones and undertones, so we’ve also matched an Easy Bake shade to balance and neutralize each foundation shade. Here’s how to pick the right Easy Bake shade for you if you’re already using our #FauxFilter Foundation.

Easy Bake Shade Matching Guide

Our Easy Bake Loose Setting Powder is available to shop online at and with your local Huda Beauty retailer.